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New Hori-ZUN, by the doujin circle "ddiction," is a set of parody English Language textbooks based on the real textbook series "New Horizon." While New Horizon is aimed at middle school students, New Hori-ZUN is definitely aimed at the broader audience of Touhou fans regardless of age.

New Hori-ZUN currently consists of three volumes, two study guides, and a listening CD.

History of Release

Volume 1 has been revised twice, and is currently released in its third edition. -First Edition: December 30, 2009 -Second Edition: February 14, 2010 -Third Edition: December 30, 2010 Volume 1 Study Guide: December 30, 2010 Volume 1 Listening CD: March 30, 2011

Volume 2: August 14, 2010 (Unconfirmed) Volume 2 Study Guide: August 13, 2011

Volume 3: March 13, 2011

External Links

ddiction Homepage

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