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Hidden Star in Four Seasons trial - omake.txt

Stage 2 Boss: The Yamanba who Surpasses This Floating World's Barriers

Nemuno Sakata

Species: Yamanba
Ability: Capable of creating sanctuaries

A youkai who lives on the Youkai Mountain.
Yamanba are a species that enjoy acting independently, without forming groups or societies.
They barely ever interact with fellow members of their species; on the other hand, they're known to interact with other species.
However, it's always a business-like kind of interaction.

They're completely the opposite of the society-loving tengu. It seems that they form nonaggression treaties with other species and live on their own.
In the Human Village, it's generally assumed that people who go missing in the mountains were dealt with somehow by a yamanba.
But in reality, it seems that they often send lost adults back with a warning, and take custody of lost children, who they raise into upstanding human beings. The reason for this is unknown.

Nemuno herself, likewise, has no interest in the world at large. She's primitive even by Gensokyo's standards, and there's hardly any information on her.

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