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Neetmania bnr med


Running Length
55:02 min.


1. Phanta! / t+pazolite [Rave]

2. ロサ・ダイアル / 篠螺悠那 [House Tune]

3. kettlemate / t+pazolite [Pianotronica]

4. special number ⑨ !!11 / 篠螺悠那 [New Style Baka]

5. KagKag -ver.2007- / t+pazolite [Makinatium]

6. 墨染桜 / 篠螺悠那 [Trance]

7. 月まで届け、顎のシャクレ / t+pazolite [Progressive Baroque]

8. TenQ / 篠螺悠那 [Jungle'n'Bass]

9. GNOSIS / ziki_7 [Electroshock]

10. Unlimited Spark! -Stardust Mix- / t+pazolite [Happy Hardcore]
11. Ancient and Modern / 篠螺悠那 [Techno]

12. Demistified Faust / t+pazolite [Speedcore]

13. SAIBAN WONDERLAND / 篠螺悠那 [Happy Hard Saiban]


  • The album in general is very similar to Beatmania IIDX music, down to the sometimes nonsensical genre names Konami artists give their songs.
  • Track 5 is a reference to SigSig, a happy hardcore/makina song from Beatmania IIDX HAPPY SKY.
  • Track 7 is vaguely patterned after V (genre: PROGRESSIVE) from the Beatmania IIDX music game series. The title is a reference to V's composer, DJ TAKA, who is known among the Japanese IIDX community for his large chin.
  • Track 8's title is a reference to TaQ, another Beatmania/IIDX composer.


Genres Disco, Hardcore, House, Rave, Trance

Recommended to:

  • fans of electronic music
  • fans of Konami music games

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