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Fun Facts

  • The bent rods she holds, which have the cardinal compass directions molded at their ends, work as a metal detector.
  • Like Reisen and Tewi, she is a leader of her species.
  • The gem that she has on her chest is a pendulum used for dowsing (like Lyserg's in Shaman King).
  • Also, she is the only stage 1 boss that actually has something to do with the plot as opposed to "a pointless encounter with a pointless person", as Marisa had put it.
  • Also, in her second appearance in Sanae-B's scenario, she stated she got the pagoda from a second-rate store, which many fans believe to be Kourindou.
  • She is also the only Touhou Windows series level 1 boss who attacks the heroines out of necessity rather than aggression (like Rumia or Letty) or irritation (like Yamame or Minoriko).
  • Currently Nazrin is the only boss to receive two character portraits. One holding her treasure finder as a 1st stage boss and one holding Shou's pagoda as a 5th stage mid-boss.
  • She was featured on the cover of Undefined Fantastic Object demo CD.
  • Her Hard-Lunatic mid-boss spell card looks almost exactly like Sara's last spell. (Also with Rumia, coincidence?)
  • It is possible that she was based on the silver mouse (or mongoose) that Bishamonten holds in his left hand, who guards his treasure pagoda.
  • As "mouse" is the equivalent of "mole" in Japanese slang, it may be more than a coincidence that she is monitoring Shou's actions.
  • Is shout-outed in World of Warcraft doing a quest named "A Tiny, Clever Commander" where you have to kill a Kobold named " 'Commander' Nazrim"
  • She also seems pretty much a tribute to Daroach from Kirby games.

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