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Nazrin in Fan Culture

  • As she is a Mouse Youkai, fans believe she will be chased after by Chen and/or Orin.
  • Some fans call her the Chen of Touhou 12, due to her coming back as a stronger midboss to another, more powerful animal youkai.
  • As she's the only member of Murasa's crew who doesn't have any specific reason for being devoted to Byakuren, fanon often portrays her as disliking, or even despising, her. The most common reason is the thought that Shou likes Byakuren more than her, which leads to a jealous Nazrin considering her a nemesis of some sort.
  • In some fan comics, she is shown with or compared to Mickey Mouse or Pikachu.
  • She has been given her own website in Japan, a URL shortener.
  • Some fans show her in fanworks with a prankster personality like Tewi but not in the same way.
  • And with the previous point, she is sometimes showed doing things like pranking people or stealing things and with this she's given a phrase that works as an "excuse", She will narrate the act she just did in a gerund way followed by shouting "'CAUSE IM NAZRIN!"

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