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Hidden Star in Four Seasons - omake.txt

Stage 4 Boss: Magical Jizo who Manifested in the Forest

Narumi Yatadera

Species: Magician (Jizo)
Ability: Capable of using magic (control of living things)

A living creature who used to be a jizo statue in the Forest of Magic, but gained life from the forest's magic power.
She was troubled by the Forest's unseasonable snowfall, but she was a stay-at-home kind of person to begin with, so she didn't bother to leave the forest and investigate.

The Forest of Magic has the power to change the very nature of the beings within it.
She may be a "Jizo," but she's not the Jizo Bodhisattva or anything; she started off as just a stone jizo statue.
Since she's a stone statue that gained a life of its own, she's somewhat like a golem.

Because she's sensitive to magic, she noticed that an abnormal magic power was flowing forth from her own back.
However, she thought that it was due to the influence of the Four Seasons Incident; she had no idea that her own power
was causing part of said incident in the first place.

She's also the one who, after hearing about Okina from Marisa, came up with a secret counter-strategy to entrust Marisa with.

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