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Imperishable Night - Demo おまけ.txt

Mystia Lorelei

Stage 2 boss. A Night Sparrow. Has the ability to drive people mad with her song.

Seeing as humans have only heard her cry, her true form is unknown. From her cry she's called a sparrow, but it's hard to say if she is actually a sparrow. As humans don't know her form, they fear her, and it's unclear what they would think if they saw her.

She's known to give humans night-blindness (an illness where one's eyesight degenerates a lot in dark places) to hide her form.

Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt

Stage 2 Boss, Night Sparrow

Mystia Lorelei

Species: Night Sparrow Abilities: Can drive people mad with her song.

Stage 2 Boss.

In addition to her song of confusion, she can make people night-blind.

Humans call her the Night Sparrow, but few have ever seen her appearance. This is because she only plays during nighttime, and humans around her become blinded by darkness anyway. Had they seen what she actually looks like, they probably wouldn't have called her a sparrow.

Her song can cloud a person's judgment; humans who walk into the night in that condition inevitably disappear without a trace. This confusion ability is the main reason people lose their way at night so easily.

She can also make people night-blind in order to hide better within the darkness.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Demo Manual

Th09mystia manual
Night Sparrow, Mystia Lorelei

A youkai bird that abducts people off night paths.

Has the ability to confuse people with her song.

Although nothing special during the day, her song never ceases.

While fooling around viewing flowers, she has the noisiest singing voice.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

Th09mystia portrait
Wonder of the Night Sparrow

Mystia Lorelei

Species: Night Sparrow

Abilities: The power to drive people mad with her song.

A troublesome spirit who doesn't do much else than sing.

People go mad if they hear her song.

She loves festivals and events with lots of noise and action, so she got caught up in the "flower incident" this time.

She thinks Gensokyo is a good playground for her.

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