Myouren Temple Cemetery

As seen in Ten Desires

The Myouren Temple Cemetery (命蓮寺墓地) is a cemetery, as its name suggest, found near the Myouren Temple. The cemetery is incredibly old and may have even been a part of the Dream Palace Great Mausoleum being built before or after it, seeing as its entrance is near the the cemetery. Of course, it seems as though the Myouren Temple has power over the cemetery now.

This area is full of gravestones, as one would expect. Yoshika Miyako appears during the heroines' journey, likely with other jiang shi. It's uncertain as to whether or not any of them are guarding the cemetery as Toyosatomimi no Miko is being resurrected. Kogasa Tatara seems to live here, or visit often, simply to scare people.

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