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Fun Facts

  • She's long-lived, but her age is unknown.
  • She can manifest or hide her wings on a whim.
  • In comparison, the color palette of her and Sakuya Izayoi are rather similar: Grey hair with longer sideburns, and a blue dress. Sakuya may have been designed after Muse.
  • Muse is one of the few characters in the Seihou Project who doesn't need a Spaceship to attack in battle. The others are VIVIT, Hirano Sakurasaki, Yuitia and Icarus.
  • In Muse's profile from the official site, it states that she leads a clan that is trying to prove a merge between magic and science. Another character from the third Touhou game Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, Yumemi Okazaki, states that she is part of a group that is trying to prove a merge between magic and science as well.
    • They also both share the use of red crosses as weapons.

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