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The English translation for Mrs. Estación.

The Japanese transcript is also included for other translators to revise the current work.



Other Translations

Difficulty Level Names

  • Easy - Reminiscence -
  • Normal - Meditation -
  • Hard - Fantastic Idea -
  • Special - Suggestion -

Shot Types

Himeka Alpha

Shot: Arbalest Barrett (「アルバレストバレット」)
Dream Thought: Sealed Dream "Super Eight Gates" (封流夢「超八門」)

Himeka Omega

Shot: Assault Splash (「アサルトスプラッシュ」)
Dream Thought: Lucid Dream "Rosen Ecdysis" (明晰夢「ローゼンエクディシス」)

Himeka Sigma

Shot: Cassiopea Laser Gun (「カシオペアレーザーガン」)
Dream Thought: Daydream "Fantasy Dream" (白昼夢「ファンタジードリーム」)

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