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Title screen
須臾の刻 ~ ~ momentarily
Time of Shuyu ~ momentarily

Stage 1 theme
天空の都 ~ ~ Fairy's world
Fairy's World in the Sky

Stage 1 Boss - Mujina Kabuki's theme
Heart of a Girl is the Heart of Darkness

Stage 2 theme
旅立ち ~ ~ Departure dream
Setting off ~ Departure dream

Stage 2 Boss - Furin Tanabata's theme
百花繚乱 ~ Outskirts of the Battle
Profuse Flowering ~ Outskirts of the Battle

Stage 3 theme
End Without World

Stage 3 Boss - Yumemi Hakutaku's theme
Perfectly Clear Sky Under the Welkin

Stage 4 theme
神々の黄昏 ~ ~ Ragnarok
Twilight of the Gods ~ Ragnarok

Final Boss - Reshino Oshiromi's theme
ハルマゲドン ~ ~ The Final Decisive Battle
Armageddon ~ The Final Decisive Battle

Special Stage theme
月灯星輝 ~ ~ Moon Twinkl and Star Twinkles
May the Light Star Bright ~ Moon Twinkl and Star Twinkles

Special stage boss - TeiShan Amaki's theme
薄命なる少女 ~ ~ Sentence of death
Girl to Become Hakumei ~ Sentence of Death

Ending theme
エンディング ~ ~ Feelings Appreciation
Feelings Appreciation

Staff Roll theme
And forever, the End of the Dream ...

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