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This article list all the characters appearing in Mrs. Estacion. All the characters in this game are original. The player takes the role of Himeka and can choose between three shot types. All three give the same conversations between the characters.

Main Character



Playable Character

Finding herself trapped in a dream world, Himeka decides to begin exploring while searching for a way to wake up from her dream.

Enemy Characters

Stage 1 Mid-boss/Boss
  • Mujina Kabuki (Mrs. Spring)
Stage 2 Mid-boss/Boss
  • Furin Tanabata (Mrs. Summer)
Stage 3 Mid-boss/Boss
Stage 4 Mid-boss
  • Unknown
Stage 4 boss
Special Stage boss
  • TeiShan Amaki (Mrs. Winter)
  • Mujina Kabuki as Stage 1 boss
  • Furin Tanabata as Stage 2 boss
  • Yumemi Hakutaku as Stage 3 boss
  • Reshino Oshiromi as Stage 4 (Final) boss
  • TeiShan Amaki as Special Stage boss

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