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Difficulty Level Descriptions

Like most of the Windows games, Mountain of Faith has short descriptions for each difficulty level.

Easy - A difficulty level to get you used to the controls. Advancement is basic for humans.
Normal - A difficulty level to enjoy the game. Having faith in yourself will bring happiness.
Hard - A difficulty level for those with a good deal of self-confidence. No need to stop and linger to enjoy the performance.
Lunatic - The usual. If you don't know what that means, don't pick it.
Extra - Oh, you want to play? You're pretty curious, aren't you?

Extra Stage

To get Extra, beat the game with either of the two girls on normal or harder without continuing (otherwise you'll see a 'clear' sign over that type, but the Extra Stage won't be unlocked). The attack pattern you used (A, B, or C) will then be unlocked for Extra.


Keeping Marisa-B's power level between 3.00 and 3.95 will result in terribly strong unfocused shots, beating bosses in literally a matter of seconds after they appear. A video of this glitch.

The replay viewer sometimes desynchronizes during a stage 4 replay, causing strange behavior and a failed stage (even in 1CC replays).


Ironically, one of Kanako's Spell Cards on Normal mode seems easier than on Easy mode. A video of this

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