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Ten Desires - Settings and Extra Story.txt

○ Stage 5 Boss  A Shikaisen from Ancient Japan

Mononobe no Futo

Species: Human? (a taoist who self-identifies as a shikaisen)
Ability: the power to manipulate feng shui

Long ago, indeed, fourteen hundred years ago or so.
Before, in fact, it had been decided that the country would rule over the people. People, things, technology, religion... Many things were being introduced from across the sea.
One of those would greatly influence the direction Buddhism would take in this country.

The country was divided into pro- and anti-Buddhist factions, which dug in more over time. The Mononobe, descendents of the Shinto god, Umashimaji no Mikoto, was in the anti-Buddhist faction. Her confrontation with the Soga, descendents of humans, was dreadful, and afterwards this religious conflict wasn't talked of as a petty political battle, but as a battle between the lineage of the gods and human dignity.

And so, religious war over Buddhism ended in tragedy.

The battles grew more vicious with each passing day as the Mononobe waged an anti-Buddhist campaign that invaded and burned temples and threw out their statues. Perhaps it was simply bad timing, but after that day, an epidemic began to spread, resulting in the passing of the Emperor.

The Soga proclaimed this to be a curse brought on by despicable acts against Buddhism. This rallied support in Soga's favor, who was eventually given permission to bring the Mononobe into submission.

This battle resulted in the destruction of the Mononobe. From then on, the nation's politics were carried out in a fashion befitting Buddhism.
This is what most people know about the religious war between the Mononobe and the Soga.

However, there was someone else pulling the strings behind the scenes: Futo
A daughter of the Mononobe, she worshipped at the altar of another faith. That faith was Taoism, which had been introduced at the same time as Buddhism. Taoism could grant people superhuman abilities based on their own actions, eventually resulting in immortality. It was particularly appealing to those with political power.

However, that appealing faith also had a weakness. It was not well suited for political control, as anyone could undergo the ascetic training necessary to become a hermit. As a result, she decided to practice her Taoism in secret.
Miko, a fellow Taoist practitioner, came to her with a certain plan. Her plan was to govern the country using Buddhism as a means to keep the citizenry pacified. Then, they would cast a curse on their own deaths and be reborn as shikaisen.
Futo became an ally of the Soga and was able to manipulate them. Thus, the Soga came to be blind followers of Buddhism. Naturally, as descendents of the gods, the Mononobe (Futo excepted) weren't particularly pleased about this.

The result was a protracted religious war over Buddhism. It was, in fact, a war between the Mononobe, ancient gods of Japan, and Miko, who wished to become a new god through Taoism.

However, it seemed it would take a long time for their resurrection to take place.
That was probably because a group of Buddhist monks doubted that Miko had actually died, and constructed a large temple above her grave to prevent her from resurrecting.

Buddhism had been used for political ends, but it had apparently been a miscalculation to allow it to become so widely followed that even in modern Japan it continues to be widely observed.

Hopeless Masquerade official website

586px-Th135 Futo1
Feng Shui Master who Controls Dragon Veins, Mononobe no Futo

Believing that those with violent hearts must be saved, Miko began to move.
Assembling faithful hearts scattered across the land to herself,
she tells them to re-make their momentary lives.
To do that, she must fight against other relgionists.
Futo decided to use that support.
The support is that of an "after care" for the defeated, but...

Special skill: Piled Up Kodoku Dishes

By performing the "ritual" to split her own plates across the field,
she attains more power as a hermit.
When her hermit power is fulfilled, various attacks get powered up.
Even if the round is over, her power as a hermit will not reset,
so the longer the fight goes on, the more advantageous of a situation it becomes for her.

Last Word: Great Flames' Reform

Futo releases flames everywhere around her, and makes the field into a sea of fire.
Futo is not affected by the sea of fire,
and if the opponent draws near, their physical strength will fall.
The closer to the sea of fire they get, the more their physical strength falls.

Urban Legend in Limbo official website

Banchou! The Plate-Breaking ShikaisenBanchou!

Mononobe no Futo

Occult Name "Bancho Dish Mansion"

With Danmaku that utilizes plates, and now with a special finishing move that installs plates on the screen, Futo is a technical character. Seeing as positioning is the lifeblood of Feng Shui, Futo's own footwork is absolutely of the fastest kind.

Her Occult Attack “Okiku Upper” gets stronger the higher the number of plates broken, and at 9 plates it will show its true power.

Antinomy of Common Flowers official website

Shikaisen who Breaks Plates with Feng Shui

Mononobe no Futo

"How incomprehensible.
Before I even knew it, I found myself here."

An old-fashioned Taoist hermit who can manipulate feng shui.

At the behest of her master, who is investigating the Perfect Possession incident, she searches for the incident's driving principle.
Her struggle with her partner over master's authority has reached a temporary truce, but it soon leads to an unexpected result...

A speed character who fights with her special attacks, which make use of the plates she sets up, and her agile maneuverability.