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Momiji in Fan Culture

  • It has been common for fans to call her 「もみじもみもみ」 or "Momiji MomiMomi." As well as "Momiji MomiMomi." some fans have said "もみじは彼女のモミを必要とする" or "Momiji needs her Momi."
  • Because Momiji is a white wolf tengu, even though some early fanworks showed her looking indistinguishable from a human, it has become common to depict her with a wolf's ears and tail. Her eyes are often shown to be red, to fit in with the colors of her costume. She is also drawn in fan art wearing an outfit with long sleeves that are detached from the rest of her shirt, such as the sleeves that Reimu and Sanae wear.
  • Since her profile says "she has a very cooperative personality and executes her duties faithfully," most fan works depict her as acting like a loyal, affectionate puppy. She is often shown to be at the mercy of Aya, who, in such works, tend to abuse her in a hilarious manner.
  • Because of the maple leaf on her shield, many fans say she is Canadian.
  • Although she only appears as a midboss in MoF, she appears as a main boss in MoF's fan-made Phantasm Stage.
  • Some fanart show her together with Okami's Amaterasu (the latter either in her original wolf form or in a fan-made human form) due to them both being female white canines.
  • Some fanart depicts Momiji as a small furry creature, similar to Keine and the Sukusuku Hakutaku, called Mofuji.

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