Enemy Table

Numbers for Attack and Defense were retrieved from the Japanese wiki.

Japanese - Character name in Japanese. Included in this table primarily for when the game displays messages for non-visible characters.
English - Character name in English.
Floor - List of floors which the enemy resides in.
HP - Base HP of the enemy. Increases by 1.2x every time she levels.
A - Base Attack Power of the enemy. Increases by 1.5x every time she levels.
D - Base Defense Power of the enemy. Does not increase when she levels.
[P] - Base experience awarded for killing the enemy. Increases by 1.2x every time she levels.
Special Abilities - Any special abilities.
Japanese English Floor HP A D P Special Abilities
毛玉 Kedama 1F-2F 5 2 0 2 None.
青妖精 Blue Fairy 1F-2F 8 3 15 3 None.
赤妖精 Red Fairy 2F-3F 12 5 10 5 None.
Chen 3F-4F 12 4 0 7 Inherent: Fast Movement. If she gets hit by a Water Trap, she gets Seal.
チルノ Cirno 3F-4F 15 4 30 9 Special Attack: Ice Bullet (Shot attack that does damage).
リグル Wriggle Nightbug 3F-4F 18 4 10 10 Special Attack: Bug Bullet (Shot attack that inflicts Poison for 20 turns).
大妖精 Daiyousei 4F-5F 22 7 20 12 None.
レティ Letty Whiterock 4F-5F 30 5 10 15 Special Attack: Snow Bullet (Shot attack that can be fired directly at Momiji if within 2 squares of Letty).
サラ Sara 5F-6F 20 10 10 16 None.
リリカ Lyrica Prismriver 5F-6F 36 6 0 22 Special Attack: Noise Bullet (Shot attack for damage, also creates a loud noise that wakes up any characters in the room with Sleep or Restless Sleep).
オレンジ Orange 5F-6F 35 5 10 24 Special Attack: Baton Twirl (Melee attack that causes Confuse for 5 turns, cannot miss).
静葉 Shizuha Aki 6F-7F 35 9 30 25 None.
稔子 Minoriko Aki 6F-7F 35 6 10 26 Special Attack: Tasty Smell of Autumn (Melee attack that reduces Hunger Gauge, cannot miss).
くるみ Kurumi 6F-7F 40 6 0 32 Special Attack: Drain Blood (Melee attack that reduces Spirit Power, cannot miss).
紅美鈴 Hong Meiling 6F-7F 45 8 0 35 Special Attack: Chi Attack (Melee attack that knocks Momiji flying, cannot miss).
Hina Kagiyama 7F-8F 20 6 10 36 Special Attack: Curse (Melee attack that makes a random item Cursed, cannot miss).
ミスティア Mystia Lorelei 7F-8F 42 8 20 40 Special Attack: Sing (Melee attack that causes Blind for 12 turns).
小悪魔 Koakuma 7F-8F 38 10 20 42 When killed, creates a Magic Circle if not on an Item, Trap, or Flame Pillar.
パチュリー Patchouli Knowledge 7F-8F 40 12 20 45 Inherent: Slow. Special Attack: Water Bullet (Shot attack that causes damage and makes one carried or worn Spellcard Soaked).
アリス Alice Margatroid 8F-9F 50 8 25 50 Special Attack: Summon Shanghai Doll (Creates a Shanghai Doll enemy in an empty adjacent spot, only usable if there is an empty adjacent spot).
上海人形 Shanghai * 10 10 0 10 Inherent: Fast Movement. Not generated normally, only by Alice's Summon Shanghai Doll.
魔理沙 Marisa Kirisame 8F-9F 55 8 0 60 Inherent: Fast Movement. Instead of attacking, may instead steal an item and warp to a different room, dropping the item where she lands.
メルラン Merlin Prismriver 8F-9F 46 7 0 60 Special Attack: Manic Music Performance (Shot attack that causes damage and inflicts Confuse for 5 turns).
ルーミア Rumia 9F-11F 20 8 30 20 Cannot move from her position, even with Confuse or Lunatic. Makes her current room a Dark Room.
明羅 Meira 9F-11F 40 18 20 70 If Momiji is visible, she will only move to just outside Momiji's melee attack range (1 space away in rooms, or around corners). If Momiji moves in melee, she'll attack.
ふらわ~弾車 Flower Tank 9F-11F 35 10 45 80 Special Attack: Bazooka (Shot attack that cannot miss and causes 10 fixed damage in a 3x3 square on impact). Does not take damage from its own Bazooka attack.
リリーホワイト Lily White 10F-12F 30 6 30 65 Special Attack: Announce Spring (Inflicts Sleep for 3 turns to all adjacent characters, cannot miss).
妖夢 Youmu Konpaku 10F-12F 46 15 20 90 May make a disarm attack instead of a normal attack, which disequips Momiji's Sword or Shield and throws it behind her. Will not disarm if Momiji is unarmed.
咲夜 Sakuya Izayoi 10F-12F 35 10 40 95 If the space opposite Momiji from Sakuya is empty, then Sakuya will automatically dodge melee attacks and warp to that spot. She can only be hit by melee attacks with boosted accuracy (Mystia Shield, Sakuya Sword). She can act when time is stopped via Sakuya Card.
慧音 Keine Kamishirasawa 11F-13F 28 10 40 85 Special Attack: Eat History (Melee attack that reduces Momiji's Level by 1, cannot miss).
幽香 Yuka Kazami 11F-13F 39 16 30 87 Special Attack: Plant Bind (Can be used on Momiji as long as she is in sight, inflicts Bind for 10 turns, cannot miss).
ルナサ Lunasa Prismriver 11F-13F 35 8 20 100 Special Attack: Gloomy Music Performace (Shot attack that causes damage and inflicts Slow for 5 turns).
幽々子 Yuyuko Saigyouji 12F-14F 46 22 46 120 Her movement is random, and she can move and attack through wall spaces. If a Medicinal Herb or Recovery Herb is thrown at her, she is instantly killed. She is immune to the Death Attack of the Yuyuko Sword and Yuyuko Card.
レミリア Remilia Scarlet 12F-14F 55 12 0 125 Inherent: Haste. She is immune to Fire damage.
フラン Flandre Scarlet 13F-14F 60 16 10 115 Inherent: Lunatic.
旧アリス PC-98 Alice Margatroid 15F-16F 59 16 30 160 Reflects energy attacks. These are Momiji's Shot, the projectiles fired from Wands besides the Flame Pillar Wand, and the projectile from eating the Flame Herb. The reflection is part of Momiji's action.
ちゆり Chiyuri Kitashirakawa 15F-16F 70 20 20 150 Special Attack: Hyper Chair Swing (Melee attack that does damage with an extra 10 fixed damage).
ルイズ Luize 15F-16F 60 18 15 140 When killed, she turns into Aura Luize.
オーラルイズ Aura Luize * 4 0 9999 10 She seeks out enemies instead of Momiji, and avoids attacking Momiji if possible. She uses an ability which kills herself, but raises the enemy's level by 1. When she takes damage, she may warp to a different room. High defense reduces all damage to 1. Not generated normally, only by Luize on death.
エリー Elly 16F-18F 80 30 25 180 None.
ユキ Yuki 16F-18F 70 22 10 128 Inherent: Restless Sleep. Always generated next to a Mai. If that Mai is killed, Yuki is woken up and given Haste.
マイ Mai 16F-18F 66 20 20 128 Inherent: Restless Sleep. Always generated next to a Yuki. If that Yuki is killed, Mai is woken up and given Power Up.
靈夢 PC-98 Reimu Hakurei 17F-19F 65 28 30 175 Special Attack: Seal (Melee attack that inflicts Seal for 30 turns, cannot miss).
魔梨沙 PC-98 Marisa Kirisame 17F-19F 70 30 0 200 Special Attack: Piercing Laser (Shot attack that damages all characters in a straight line, passing through walls).
にとり Nitori Kawashiro 17F-20F 55 20 40 150 Inherent: Optic Camouflage. If she is hit by a Water Trap, then she gets Power Up.
うどんげ Reisen Udongein Inaba 18F-20F 70 24 35 220 Special Attack: Lunatic Red Eyes (Melee attack that causes Lunatic for 10 turns, cannot miss).
てゐ Tewi Inaba 18F-20F 55 26 40 180 If Momiji is within 2 spaces of Tewi, even if Momiji is not visible to her, she will throw a random Trap. If Momiji is not already on an Item or Flame Pillar, this creates that trap on that spot and automatically causes its effect on Momiji. If Momiji is standing on a trap, this will replace it. Tewi can only use this trap throw once.
魅魔 Mima 19F-21F 88 28 20 200 If Momiji is visible, moves out of Mima's melee range, and is facing a visible empty space, Mima will teleport to that space as her movement. She also has an alternate attack she can use if Momiji has any Wands. It will reduce a random Wand's charges by 1, and does nothing if it targets an empty Wand.
夢美 Yumemi Okazaki 19F-21F 55 20 30 250 Special Attack: Strawberry Cross (Targets Momiji if she is within 5 spaces, creates a cross of 5 Flame Pillars on impact, does not need Momiji to be visible, can only be used once). She takes no damage from Fire attacks.
永琳 Eirin Yagokoro 20F-22F 90 18 30 380 Nothing happens if an Herb is thrown at her. The Death Attack of the Yuyuko Sword and Yuyuko Card have no effect on her. She has the same movement as Meira (doesn't engage in melee), except she has a projectile attack. Her arrow attack randomly inflicts one of Confuse, Power Down, Slow, and Seal. This attack counts as an Herb, and lasts for 15 turns except for Slow, which takes 5 turns.
輝夜 Kaguya Houraisan 20F-22F 120 34 45 300 Can inflict Momiji with Curse of Eternity in melee. The Death Attack of the Yuyuko Sword and Yuyuko Card have no effect on her.
メディスン Medicine Melancholy 20F-22F 100 24 20 240 Her melee attack inflicts Momiji with Poison for 30 turns. She is immune to Poison.
妹紅 Fujiwara no Mokou 21F-23F 120 30 30 300 Whenever Mokou takes damage, she will die and resurrect, which clears her of status conditions and increases her attack power by 5 points. This resurrection occurs before rolling special effects of certain Swords. The Death Attack of the Yuyuko Sword and Yuyuko Card have no effect on her, and she is immune to Fire attacks.
獣慧音 EX Keine 21F-23F 95 36 50 280 If Momiji is within 6 spaces and EX Keine is next to another enemy, she will throw her at Momiji. This inflicts some damage and moves the enemy to a random space adjacent to Momiji.
小町 Komachi Onozuka 22F-24F 120 44 35 444 If she loses sight of Momiji for a long enough time, she will fall asleep with Restless Sleep.
夢子 Yumeko 22F-24F 95 32 40 420 Special Attack: Knife Throw (Shot attack that does damage, always done if Momiji is in range).
リリーブラック Lily Black 23F-25F 120 36 25 480 Special Attack: Danmaku (Performs an unavoidable damage attack on all adjacent characters).
映姫 Sikieiki Yamaxanadu 23F-25F 100 32 30 500 Special Attack: Lecture (Melee attack that causes either Confuse for 10 turns or Sleep for 3 turns, cannot miss).
神綺 Shinki 24F-26F 150 46 25 700 She can summon any of the following enemies: Mima, Eirin, Kaguya, Mokou, EX Keine, Yumeko, or Sikieiki.
神奈子 Kanako Yasaka 24F-26F 160 40 22 650 Her melee attack always sends Momiji flying back.
諏訪子 Suwako Moriya 24F-26F 148 35 35 720 She has a special attack which makes a random worn or carried Spellcard wet.
Aya Shameimaru 25F-26F 95 28 10 600 Inherent: Haste. Special Attack: Wind Shot (Shot attack that inflicts damage and warps the target to a random room).
早苗 Sanae Kotiya 25F-26F 80 20 40 300 She can give any adjacent enemy Haste permanently. She cannot leave the Room she is generated in.
萃香 Suika Ibuki 26F-29F 200 44 0 980 Her melee attack inflicts Oni Hit for 30 turns.
夢月 Mugetu 26F-29F 160 60 30 1000 None.
幻月 Gengetu 27F-29F 175 46 45 1500 Special Attack: Danmaku Rain (Hits the entire room for damage that cannot miss).
イビルアイ∑ Evil Eye Sigma 27F-29F 100 20 20 1200 Inherent: Haste. Special Attack: Bazooka (Shot attack that cannot miss and does a fixed 20 damage in a 3x3 square on impact). Does not take damage from its own Bazooka attack.
霊夢 Reimu Hakurei 28F-29F 120 40 40 2000 Inherent: Restless Sleep. Special Attack: Onmyoudo (Does 20 fixed damage, can target Momiji anywhere on the current Floor).
Ran Yakumo 15F/30F 64/128 16/32 16/48 128/1500 Special Attack: Kunai (Shot attack that does damage). If she is hit by a Water Trap, she gets Seal. Stats are listed for Easy difficulty versus Normal/Hard.
Yukari Yakumo 15F/30F 196/255 25/48 16/64 255/3000 Inherent: Restless Sleep. Special Attack: Kunai (Shot attack that does damage). Immune to all Status Conditions except Haste, Super Haste, and Power Up. Takes half damage from Fire attacks. Thrown items will be destroyed with no effect.

Yukari Notes

On Normal/Hard difficulty, Yukari has extra abilities that she can use. They are as follows.

The first time she loses all her HP, she activates 外力「無限の超高速飛行体」- Outer Force [Infinite Superspeed Flying Object]. This restores her back to 255 HP, and gives her a new attack which can hit Momiji anywhere on the map. She cannot use her Kunai.

When she loses all her HP a second time, she activates 式神「八雲藍」- Shikigami [Ran Yakumo]. This warps her to a random room and restores her to 255 HP. Additionally when within 6 spaces, she can create a Ran Yakumo and throw her at Momiji, a la EX Keine. She cannot use her previous special attacks.

When she loses all her HP a third time, she activates 「八雲式多重強化結界」(lit. Yakumo Formula Multiple Powerful Barrier). This restores her to 128HP, and destroys all the walls in the floor to create one wide place. She will teleport if she is warped or knocked away from Momiji. She also gains Power Up and Super Haste.

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