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切り返し その1

Cutbacks 1


Flandre: W-welcome back.


Zun: What happened? You look terrible.


Flandre: I guess there were just too many Kedama after all.


Please, don't overdo it.


Gil: Moving on, this is the big finish for the first part! Cutbacks! You've studied various danmaku techniques, practiced them many times, and made them yours.


Flandre: This time the Kedama are going to shoot a huge stream of bullets, and every single one is going to be aimed at you.


Flandre: You won't be hit if you shift a little at a time to avoid them, but eventually you'll be trapped against the side of the screen.


Nagettsu: Which is where cutbacks come in!


Zun: And Nagettsu-tan suddenly comes in.


Gil: I bet when you first start dodging you drift towards the right.


Gil: From there, see if you can make a big jump to the right. The enemies are tracking you, so their aim swings around to match your new position.


Gil: Their aim swings around, which means the bullets swing around too. That makes a gap appear in the stream.


Nagettsu: Make your escape by jumping through that gap.


Gil: It's called a cutback when you use this technique to create a gap and make your escape.


Gil: When you make a cutback at the right edge, move back towards the left, then at the left edge make another cutback. This swinging back and forth keeps you from being crushed against the edge of the screen.


Zun: It's hard to understand this using words alone, so I'm going out there now.


Nagettsu: You can go straight when you're moving across the middle of the screen, but as you get close to the edge start moving diagonally towards the top of the screen, then be sure to sit there for a second. That'll make it easiest to see the gap.


Nagettsu: I'm praying you'll be well.


Zun: well?

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