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Shots with a Random Origin


Flandre: Welcome back. How was it?


Zun: It felt like sometimes the bullets would come and sometimes they wouldn't.


Flandre: Just like I said they would.


Flandre: This time we're doing a different type of random shot, now it's the origin that's random. Knives are going to pop up all over the screen.


Zun: And how do I avoid them?


Flandre: Well, the truth is you can relax because hardly any are aimed at you.


Flandre: Also, knives can't appear on top of you, so you have plenty of time to make sure the ones that do show up don't hit you.


Zun: That makes it sound like I'll be safe, but you said that there would be hardly any aiming for me. Doesn't that mean that there will be some that are aimed at me?


Flandre: I'm not sure I'd put it that way. Merupo's going to be firing randomly, so I don't know if any are going to be aimed at you or not.


ξ・∀・): So just relax and get hit.


Zun: But we're doing this because I don't want to get hit! Is there anything else I should know?


Flandre: First look for nearby knives that are going to hit you and get out of the way before worrying about the knives that are farther away, because it's harder to see if those far away knives are going to hit or not.


Zun: I see. Alright, time for me to dodge a little.


ξ・∀・): Do your best!


Flandre: Meruporin is going to do her best too.

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