Omnidirectional Shots.


Nagettsu: So how was it?


Zun: Nagettsu-tan, it's really something else when you pop up like that. The red bullets were so clumped together it was a little scary, but dodging with big movements worked.


Nagettsu: That's the best thing to do.


Flandre: Next is a pattern called "Omnidirectional Shot." They're evenly spaced and fire in every direction. The pattern feels kind of like practicing even spreads and odd spreads together.


Zun: The screen's going to be covered with bullets. What's the plan?


Flandre: There are two colors of bullets but the way they're aimed are different. Only one of the red bullets is aimed at you, so really it's just an odd spread.


Flandre: And the yellow bullets are an even spread, so you can beat them by letting them go around. The pattern flips back and forth between those two types.


Zun: Does that mean it's okay to dodge just the red bullets?


Gil: Dodging the one red bullet in front of you isn't hard, there's plenty of time to look around.


Gil: Use that time to look for an opening in the other bullets and slip through it, or you're probably done for, because the yellow bullets will keep you from moving around a lot.


Gil: Later you'll be overwhelmed by bullets. You won't notice the difference between bullets aimed at you and bullets going in a completely different direction.


Flandre: That reminds me, don't you have the ability to absorb bullets into the white spot on your body, sensei?

G:弾を吸収すれば弾幕が楽になるーー そう考えていた時期が、私にもありました。

Gil: If I could absorb bullets, danmaku would be easy-- There was a time when I thought that too.


Zun: I think it's time for me to dodge some bullets. link title

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