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The Winder


Flandre: Well then, now that you've learned the boss fundamentals, it's time to start learning different kinds of shots. Are you fully prepared, Zun-kun?


Zun: ... prepared? Um, yes.


Flandre: Our first shot is the "Winder." This used to be the special attack of the strongest back fighter in the galaxy. [TL note: This is a direct reference to the Black Heart Mk II from Battle Garegga.]


Zun: Does that mean it was weak from the front?


Flandre: It was impossible to fight it from the front, which is why it was only good at shooting backwards.


Zun: ... What a puzzling world.


Flandre: Anyways, with that explanation, as you can see, each doll fires a rapid fire five way spread that moves back and forth in order to confine the player.


Flandre: It's easy to describe, but it's not at all easy to dodge gracefully.


Nagettsu: The trick is in positioning. When you're far away from the enemy, you have to move back and forth too much.


Nagettsu: Moving closer to the enemy lets you move faster than the bullets can swing around, which gives you more time to dodge them.


Flandre: So don't fall back too much. It's probably better to dodge from a spot closer to the enemy.


Nagettsu: Also, there's a rule for the Winder's movement. If you're on the right half of the screen it swings clockwise. If you're on the left half it swings counter clockwise.


Nagettsu: It's easiest if you're prepared for it to rotate either way.


Flandre: I wonder if you can pick up that swaying tempo? You can't learn it without practice, so just keep trying no matter how long it takes.


Zun: Uh, right. Okay, I'll give it a shot.

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