Super Fast Shots


Flandre: This card is the opposite of the previous card, high speed shot practice.


Flandre: The high speed shots are being fired randomly, it takes hard work to avoid them.


Nagettsu: Pay attention to your surroundings when you dodge, even at the beginning when the bullets aren't really high speed yet.


Flandre: Just like last time, it's easier to dodge if you take in everything without fixating on the area around your character.


Zun: If they're high speed, shouldn't I put more focus on the bullets that are coming towards me?


Flandre: That's true, but don't you think it's better if you can be where there aren't any bullets coming at all?


Zun: I guess I can see that.


Nagettsu: If you're dodging on sight, I think it's safer to analyze the situation calmly than to jump around trying to get out of the way at the last second.


Flandre: You can also use bombs. If it gets too dangerous you'll have to punch through with a bomb.

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