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Even Spreads


Flandre: Welcome back!


Zun: Thank you.


Flandre: It looked a little like you were having fun. How was it?


Zun: I'm used to the bullets now, but it felt like it got harder as it went on.


Flandre: Ah, I think it gets boring if it's the same all the time. I want you to try harder when the middle of the card comes. The same is true for all 50 cards: The difficulty goes up as time passes.


Zun: I'll have to remember that. So... what's the next card about?


Flandre: Let me get the teacher


Gil: Hello. This is Gil. You can call me Gil-kun.


Zun: Good to meet you. What are we learning today?


Gil: Don't move!


Zun: Say what now?


Gil: This is practice with shots that attack on both sides. We call them "even spreads." Because you pass between them, if you don't move you can't get hit!

G: 逆に、下手に大きく動くと当たってしまうわけば。 

Gil: On the other hand, if you flail about wildly you're going to get hit.

G: だが、じっとしている訳にもいかん。自機を狙った弾も飛んでくるから、それは避けなければならん。出来るだけ小さく動いて避けてみるんだ。

Gil: However, don't assume you can just sit still all the time. There'll also be shots that are aimed at you and you need to get out of the way. Try to move as little as possible when you dodge them.


Gil: Should we call that low speed movement? Try to dodge well when you float around using low speed movement.


Zun: So is the last part going to suck horribly?


Flandre: Actually, at the very end they're all the kind of shot where if you don't move you don't get hit. It's terrifying but you're perfectly safe because they're all even spreads.


Gil: So this time if it gets to be too much, that's the time to try stopping for a moment. That spot stays open.


Zun: A spot, huh?


Flandre: If you're worried you can also use a well placed bomb.


Gil: Don't move and you'll see what we're talking about.


Flandre: I forgot to tell you last time but if you destroy all the enemies you get a silver medal, and if you survive until the clock runs out you get a gold medal. If you can go for the gold medal!

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