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Attacks Dangerous when Far from the Enemy


Flandre: We're going to continue studying shots that have a safe place to hang out.


Zun: Before it was safe to hang back from the enemy. Where's the safe spot now?


Flandre: This time staying close to the enemy is safer.


Gil: This enemy fires a shot that goes a fixed distance straight out, then breaks up into a bunch of curving bullets. It's wise to dodge before they break up.


Flandre: You're going to be very busy if you try to dodge after the bullets break up and start flying around everywhere.


Zun: I don't want to make it harder on purpose...


Gil: The density of the omnidirectional shot goes up in the second half of the card, but it's not like you can't dodge them the same way.


Zun: Alright then, I'll see what I can do.


Flandre: Good luck!

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