Survival at All Costs


Flandre: Number Eleven! This one's a little different from the ones before.


Zun: It's called, "Survival at all costs." What does that mean?


Gil: The previous cards you could take in one try. They were easy to understand, the gaps were easy to pass through, and you just went out and dodged. This time, not so much.


Gil: There's an insane number of shots being fired. To be blunt, trying to keep up with dodging them all is useless even if you wanted to.


Zun: If it's useless what's the point?


Gil: To make it a habit to use a bomb and clear out all the shots when you're in trouble.


Flandre: You're safe as long as the bomb's in effect. Dodge, then when you get in trouble, use a bomb to clear all the shots, and then dodge again, over and over.


I see. That really is different from before.


Okay, get out there and show us your stuff!

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