切り返し その2

Cutbacks 2


Zun: Um, are we doing cutbacks this time too?


Flandre: Last time we did long streams, but this time we're going to try shorter streams. I figure the bullets are about five times bigger, though.


Zun: Does that make it harder or easier? Just tell me, please.


Flandre: Well, it's simpler than before because the streams are shorter, but the bullets themselves are bigger so you do need to be careful.


Nagettsu: If it's too difficult, move in a V shape as you go from the edge to the center and back again.


Zun: Should I really go higher near the edges of the screen? Don't I get dangerously close to the enemy there?


Nagettsu: Yes, but big movements make big gaps, so the cutback itself is easier if you're quick in heading back towards the other side.


Gil: It's a trade off. Try it both ways and use the method that works best for you. The bullet streams are short this time, so use fine movements when going left and right through the middle of the screen between cutbacks.


There's so many Kedama I can't really control them, so they're really going to let loose.


You still have that many!?

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