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Mima in Fan Culture

  • There is a fan theory that Mima is the one that taught Marisa how to use magic. This is mainly because during Marisa's first appearance in Story of Eastern Wonderland, Marisa tries to protect Mima who she calls "Mima-sama," and when Mima defeats Marisa during Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream she scolds Marisa to train harder. It is also worth noting that every attack Marisa used in her first appearance, Mima could use as well (final boss fight of SoEW) with variations.
  • Since the true deity of the Hakurei Shrine has never been revealed, it is theorized that she is the secret goddess of the shrine.
  • Some people think that Mima's ghostly tail in Touhou 1-3 resembles a piece of shrimp tempura. As such, she is occasionally depicted with it in fanart.
  • Many fans were anticipating her return in Touhou 13, Ten Desires. Many became upset as she did not appear in the game after all.

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