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Stage 1: The Beginning-PartB

Scarlet Devil Mansion…

The structure that is a mansion in name, but a castle in appearance... The home of numerous Youkai, headed by the vampire, Remilia Scarlet... The location central to the recent epic struggle, where the very fate of Gensokyo was in the balance...

Months before, Remilia cast a red mist, covering Gensokyo, blocking the sun, for the purpose of allowing vampires to live during the day. However, that plan was thwarted by the efforts of a miko and witch.

In spite of the policies set throughout the mansion, its inhabitants generally lead fairly decent lives and is thoroughly maintained. However, all it takes is an elongated winter to make everything go haywire…


In the mansion’s lobby, Sakuya Izayoi, the mansion’s head maid, and the sole human residing in an otherwise youkai-exclusive home, meets up with three other maids, all fairies, “How is the food situation?”

“No good!” answers one fairy, “Because of the winter, we have no crops, and all of our vegetation-related rations are nearly spoiled or depleted!”

“Damn it…” mutters Sakuya in dismay, “Why hasn’t winter ended? Our supplies only last for a few months, which is how long winter is supposed to be, but…”

Another fairy reports, “Um… I know you’re not gonna like this, Miss Sakuya, but the internal heating has started to fail in some areas…”

Sakuya tenses up, “Wha… what areas would those be? It better not be the…”

Suddenly, the entire mansion shakes from a burst of power coming from the lower levels. Everyone tenses up and Sakuya completely freezes with her fears confirmed. The shaking dies down after a few seconds.

Sakuya orders, “Do what you can about fixing the heating! The basement gets the first priority! Do everything you can to keep Miss Flandre pacified!”

“RIGHT AWAY!” The fairies frantically leave the lobby to carry out Sakuya’s orders. Fairy maids aren’t particularly hard workers, but when it comes to quelling Flandre’s wrath in any ways they can, they tend to be diligent. Flandre is Remilia’s younger sister. Despite being well-meaning and normally docile, she naturally has the tendency to go on a psychopathic rampage if upset by something, like the cold. For that reason, she is kept in the mansion’s basement, and is constantly spoiled to make sure she is perfectly content.

Sakuya runs a hand across her braided silver hair and pats a spot of dust off her blue outfit. She was once a vampire hunter, but when she targeted and battled Remilia, she was soundly defeated. However, Remilia proved to not be like most other vampire in the sense that she showed her mercy afterward, sparing her life and allowing her to serve Remilia as a maid, giving her the name she currently answers to. However, everything before her days as a hunter remains a complete blank. She says to herself that it no longer matters, but at the same time, she continues to wonder who she is. She possesses the ability to manipulate time in the sense that she can move freely through a frozen instant. From her point of view, it cannot be any longer than a few seconds, unless her power is enhanced via a spell card. The simple fact that she has such a power is a mystery in itself, as it is a top-level ability, beyond the capability of most youkai, much less a human. Where and how she gained her power is a much a mystery as her past, before becoming a hunter. With these in mind, she asks herself the question many without memories ask themselves, to the point that it is cliché, but an important question nonetheless: Who am I?

“Zzzzzzzzzzzz…” Sakuya’s thoughts are interrupted by the sound of someone snoring, coming from one of the lobby’s side rooms.

“What could that possibly be? It better not be one of the maids goofing off…” Sakuya checks the side room, a guest room, and sees someone sleeping on one of the sofas, a girl with bright red hair, partially braided, like Sakuya’s, only longer, wearing a green Chinese-style dress, as well as a green hat with a gold star on it. She is the gatekeeper of Scarlet Devil Mansion, Hong Meiling. She is a youkai, like 99% of Scarlet Devil Mansion’s inhabitants. She is a practitioner of martial arts, and is capable to manipulate her chi in the form of powerful attacks.

“Meiling? Well, at least it’s not a maid… Still…” Sakuya lightly kicks the sofa, shaking it a bit, but not enough to wake up Meiling. “Okay… Let’s try this, then…” Sakuya goes around to the back of the couch, squats down, grabs the bottom, and then puts all her weight into tipping it over. She dumps Meiling off the couch and she rolls across the floor, waking up.

“Owww… Who the hell did…?”

“Good morning, Mei-chan,” says Sakuya in a deceptively sweet voice, “Did you have a good sleep?”

“’Good sleep,’ my ass,” yells Meiling, “Why’d you dump me off like that?”

“Why’d YOU come inside?” asks Sakuya, with a smirk, talking back to Meiling, “You’re supposed to be outside, guarding the gate!”

“You’re kidding, right?” asks Meiling, “I’d like to see you stand through that for hours on end! I’d also like to see any would-be intruders go out in that!”

Sakuya realizes what Meiling is saying and says, “True, you may be right. Fine then, guard the door, but don’t let anyone else catch you sleeping!”

“Thank you, Sakuya,” says Meiling in gratitude, “You’re a lifesaver!”

“Lifesaver, huh?” mutters Sakuya, recalling her days as a vampire assassin. She walks out of the room.

Sakuya decides to pay a visit to Remilia herself. After heading to the highest level of the mansion, she knocks on the door to Remilia’s quarters, “Remilia-sama, it’s me! May I come in?”

“Yes, please do,” answers Remilia from the other side of the door.

Sakuya enters. Remilia’s room is the epitome of elegance. Everything is made of beautiful metals; Remilia’s bed is large with a canopy hanging over it, there are guest chairs with soft cushioning, a large fireplace, and a balcony, the doors to which are closed because of the weather. Remilia sits in one of the guest chairs, next to the lit fireplace, sipping a small cup of blood. Remilia Scarlet, AKA The Scarlet Devil, stands at a height of only five or so feet, has blue hair, and wears a pink dress and hat, but what distinguishes her the most is her fangs, claws, her crimson eyes, and the bat-like wings on her back. She looks between the ages of 12 and 14, but she is really over 500 years old. “Welcome, Sakuya. How are things around the mansion?”

Sakuya pauses and answers, “Not so well, Remilia-sama. The elongated winter has taken its toll on our supplies and the heating in some areas is starting to fail, such as that of Flandre’s room. That area is under repair as we speak.”

Remilia sips from her cup and says, “I see. I should visit my sister later…”

“That would be a wise decision, Remilia-sama.”

“Sakuya, could you please close the curtains to the balcony? The sun will rise before long.”

“Of course,” Sakuya walks to the balcony and closes the thick curtains over the fronts of the glass doors. The mansion has very few windows, as vampires like Remilia and Flandre cannot survive in sunlight, but the windows that the mansion does have are well covered for that same reason.

Remilia says, “This winter is getting to be troublesome. How much longer is spring going to wait?”

“Not much longer, I hope,” says Sakuya, “If this goes on much longer, we will be in a bit of a pickle…”

“I see. Thank you, Sakuya,” says Remilia, dismissing Sakuya.

“You’re welcome, Mistress,” replies Sakuya, taking her leave.

Sakuya heads to the top of one of the mansion’s towers. She watches the sun rise from one of the windows, an unexpected sight, considering the blizzard from a couple hours before. Sunlight spreads across the land and surrounding lake and reflects off the snow and ice. No matter what the situation, such a sight is beautiful, but Sakuya had long since lost appreciation of it. She slams her fist against a nearby column in frustration, “Dammit! How much longer? I can’t enjoy this anymore! Because of this season, everything is falling apart! Spring should be here by now! Why isn’t it? It’s always come so much earlier!” She takes a few deep breaths and calmly says, “Perhaps I can get some words of wisdom regarding this predicament to put my mind at ease…” She leaves the tower, briefly stops by the kitchen to pour a cup of tea, and then heads to the mansion’s library.

The library of Scarlet Devil Mansion is one of the largest information sources in Gensokyo. The only problem is that it has so many bookshelves it practically forms a maze, so Sakuya must always fly to navigate the room successfully. The edges of the large room are comprised of extra large bookshelves. So large, stairways are necessary to allow those with no talent for flying to access them. In the far back of the dimly lit library is the person Sakuya is looking for, a youkai named Patchouli Knowledge, reclined in a chair, next to a small round table, reading one of the many books kept in the library. She wears nightclothes, specifically a white nightgown and nightcap with a crescent-shaped brooch attached. She has long violet hair, maintained by blue ribbons, and skin almost as white as the snow outside. Being both anemic and asthmatic, there is very little Patchouli can do, activity-wise, so she spends the vast majority of her time reading about various things. As such, she is also knowledgeable in the art of magic, making her one of the most powerful witches in Gensokyo, albeit the least outgoing, only defeated once before by another witch, Marisa Kirisame, though it ended close and Patchouli really hasn’t fought many people anyway.

Standing close by to Patchouli is her long red-haired assistant, with black clothes and bat-like wings on the sides of her head.

“Good morning, Patchouli,” greets Sakuya, placing the cup of tea she poured onto the table.

“Thank you,” replies Patchouli in a moderately high-toned, yet monotonous, voice, “How is the weather? Is it spring yet?”

“Actually, that is something I wanted to talk to you about. It’s still winter and it is worse than ever…”

Patchouli sighs and says, “This has dragged on far too long to be natural…”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“AHHHH! HELP!” Before Patchouli can answer, a high-pitched scream, obviously coming from a fairy echoes from outside the library. Two fairy maids fly into the library. One of them frantically yells, “Miss Sakuya! Why are you here? The mansion has been infiltrated by a swarm of wild fairies!”

“What?” exclaim Sakuya and Patchouli in unison.

The other fairy says, “The mistress and Meiling have held most of them off, but the rest that escaped are headed this way! You’d better get ready for_” Before the fairies can continue, they are silenced by a pair of magical bullets and burst. Roughly twenty fairies, all dressed in one-piece blue dresses and ribbons fly into the library.

Fairies that work as maids differ from the wild fairies in the sense that they are of a higher level of intelligence. Wild fairies lack the ability to think or speak, driven by instinct. In this way, they are considerably more dangerous than maid fairies, which are the same in terms of power, but have consciences.

“Damn…” mutters Sakuya, pulling a knife out from under her belt, “This doesn’t happen everyday!”

Patchouli lazily hops to her feet and turns to her assistant, “Koakuma. Please lower the shelves. I do not want any tomes to be harmed by this invasion.”

“Yes, Miss Knowledge!” The assistant, Koakuma walks to a nearby lever, sticking out of the floor, and kicks it. All the bookshelves, besides the side ones, sink into the floor, via a mechanism below the library, which Patchouli requested to protect the books. Without the bookshelves, the library is more spacious than a school gymnasium, and there is nothing to make the current inhabitant of the library hold back.

Patchouli draws a spell card, “Fire Sign.” The card converts into red energy that radiates through Patchouli’s body, “Agni Shine.” Patchouli spreads her arms and a fire storm brews in the library’s upper levels, destroying all but two of the fairies before it clears. Tiny pink objects, resembling miniature sakura petals, flutter to the floor.

Sakuya flies straight at one of the remaining fairies and cuts it in half with a wide-arc slash of her knife. Afterward, she tosses the same knife at the last fairy, destroying it. Her attention switches to the petal-like things the fairies dropped. She picks on up, the the rest gather in her hand, forming a glowing pink orb, “Huh? Just… what is this?”

Two fairy maids fly into the room, both carrying slightly larger orbs. One says, “These… thingamajigs formed from some weird things that fell from the fairies that the mistress and Meiling destroyed. They requested that we take them to Patchouli to have them analyzed.”

Patchouli pauses and says, “Very well. Give them to Sakuya.”

Sakuya accepts the orbs from the fairies, who leave the room afterward.

“Do you have any idea of what they are?” asks Sakuya to Patchouli.

“I think I might,” answers Patchouli, “Please escort me to the flower garden.”

Sakuya protests, “You can’t go outside. It may be hazardous to your health.”

“I’ll be fine,” says Patchouli, “I don’t plan to be out there long. There is something I must experiment with.”

“Very well,” says Sakuya, “Come with me.”

As they walk through the halls, Sakuya asks, “So what do you think of these orb-things?”

Patchouli says, “I think they might be related to why we’ve had such a long winter.”

“What? How?”

“There have been various theories regarding seasons. Some say that it depends on the planet’s axis at a certain time during the year; others say it’s the natural alteration of weather and vegetation… However, one of the more likely explanations I have read about involves the ‘essence’ of seasons…”


“Gensokyo’s seasons are comprised of an essence that manifests itself at a certain time of year and matures. It first comes to be in spring, reaches full maturity in summer, dies down in autumn, and completely dies and starts to regenerate in winter, which brings us back to spring. Without that essence, the only state the world can exist in is that of winter. What I believe has happened is that the essence has been stolen somehow.”

“Huh? You mean to say that someone ‘stole’ spring?”

“I know it sounds absurd, but yes. In a way, the essence has a mind of its own and takes on a form in time of need.”

“Would that be these orbs?”

“I don’t know yet. That’s why we must reach the flower garden…”

Within minutes, Sakuya and Patchouli arrive in the mansion’s courtyard. Normally, there is a beautiful bed of flowers here, but right now, they are all withered and buried under snow. The cold is hard on Patchouli, as she lacks adequate winter clothes, but she endures.

Patchouli asks, “Sakuya, could you please dust some of the snow off one of the flowers?”

“Yeah…” Sakuya squats down at the edge of where the flowers are supposed to be, picks the snow off of a withered flower, and tosses it to the side.

“Thank you. Excuse me please…” Sakuya moves to the side as Patchouli steps in her place, “Could I have the small orb please?”

“Of course,” Sakuya hands ‘her’ orb to Patchouli, who drops it on the withered flower. Before touching the flower, the orb splits into its original petal form which effortlessly sinks into the ground. Within seconds, the flower starts to regain color and springs back to life. A few blades of green grass also sprout up. The snow around that area quickly melts.

Patchouli holds her hand around the area of the flower, “It’s warm. A pocket of spring surrounded by winter.” Sakuya does the same. Sure enough, the temperature around the revived flower, as well as upward, is warm, but not overly hot, like spring. “It’s exactly as I thought…”

“So is this that ‘essence’ you were talking about?”

“Indeed. All signs indicate that it is. However…” Suddenly, the warmth disappears and the flower and grass wither once again, “Without more essence to sustain it, the results are only temporary. A small amount of spring essence has limited effects on its own. As I stated earlier, the essence of spring presents itself in a physical form when it is in need, so, with its identity proven, I can positively say that spring was indeed stolen from us. Let’s go back inside, Sakuya.”

After a few seconds of hesitation, Sakuya replies, “Yes…”

They return indoors and walk back in the direction of the library. After thinking it over, Sakuya asks, “Patchouli! Who would want to steal spring?”

Patchouli calmly answers with her own question, “Why do you ask me this all the sudden?”

“I’m going!” declares Sakuya, “I’m not waiting for someone else to figure out what’s going on and take back spring! I know the situation, and I am going to set things right! I want our season back, and I will save everyone in this mansion! Winter must not last any longer! Tell me, Patchouli! Give me some leads! Who would want to take spring away?”

“Such determination,” says Patchouli in a slightly impressed tone, “I honestly do not know for certain, but there is a youkai named Letty Whiterock. She is an apparition that only appears during the winter, and sleeps during the other seasons. I imagine she’s one of the few people who cares for this current predicament. I’d say she is one possible suspect.”

“Very well,” says Sakuya, “Where can I find this ‘Letty?’”

“She is often found in the Forest of Magic.”

“Okay!” confirms Sakuya, “I’m off then! I will come back with a much warmer season!”

Patchouli cracks a slight smile and says, “Good luck.” Sakuya runs ahead.

Dashing through the mansion’s corridors, Sakuya pulls another one of the essences out of her pocket and thinks to herself, I must find more essence like this! This is the key to recovering spring!

She finally arrives at the lobby, where she grabs a red scarf off a coat hanger, and heads to the door, where Meiling stands.

“Are you going somewhere?” asks Meiling.

“Yes,” answers Sakuya, “I have learned about winter’s disappearance and I am going to investigate. You are in charge of protecting the mistress while I am away.”

“Sure thing!” replies Meiling, “Good luck out there!”

“Thank you!” Sakuya opens the door and takes to the sky.

Sakuya flies off the island, over the frozen water, and arrives at the Forest of Magic, after a 25 minute flight. She looks down on the beautiful, but depressing forest of withered plants and says to herself, “I wonder where in this forest Letty Whiterock is… The information Patchouli gave me isn’t solid, but I have nothing else to rely on right now. I just have to go with what I was informed…” Sakuya flies deeper into the forest at a lower altitude to get a better view. Finally, she enters a clearing and looks around, “Damn… She’s not here either! This is a big forest, so I can’t rule out the possibility of Letty being here, but…”

“Huh? You’re looking for Letty? Just what do you want?” A high-pitched voice, bordering on annoying, is heard from above. A small girl with aqua hair and transparent light-blue wings, wearing a blue dress and green hair ribbon, slowly descends.

Sakuya glances up at her, “Well, well, finally someone in this desolate forest. And your name is…?”

“CIRNO!” yells the girl. Sakuya had never met Cirno before, but Reimu and Marisa have, on their way over the lake to Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is among the higher level fairies, an ice fairy, but still weak in the eyes of many, although that does not stem from a lack of power. Cirno severely lacks in intelligence. Even though she is smarter than many low-level fairies, her brainpower is not up to the standard of most people and causes her to do a lot of stupid things. However, if she were smarter, she’d easily be one of the most powerful fairies in Gensokyo. Even so, some of her abilities are advanced enough that even some of the stronger inhabitants of Gensokyo can have problems.

“Right, so ‘Cirno,’ do you know where I can find Letty?”

“What do you want with her? I don’t like what you’re up to!”

“You don’t even KNOW what I am up to!”

“It doesn’t matter! I say you’re up to no good, so you ARE up to no good!”

“… What’s with you? I just want to know if she stole spring.”

Cirno gasps and yells, “I knew it! You want to end winter and take Letty away from me! Damn it, I won’t let you! Letty is up ahead, making a blizzard, but you’ll see her over my dead body!” She draws a spell card, “Ice Sign!” Cirno’s body glows with blue energy. She flies high above Sakuya and extends her arms down at her, “Icicle Fall!” Cirno’s blue energy flows outward from her entire body, materializing icicles around her, which fall like rain. However, the area directly below Cirno, where Sakuya hovers, is completely untouched by the rain of ice, only the area around it.

Sakuya observes the situation, shrugs, and asks, “Um… Is there a point to this?”

Cirno cackles and says, “Everyone know the best way to do things is to circle around your enemy and attack from behind, but now, you can’t get around me! I am so smart!”

“Unbelievable…” mumbles Sakuya, grabbing one of her knives. She holds it by the hilt and tosses it upward. The knife slams hilt-first into Cirno’s forehead, where a large bump forms.

“Ugh… Ow… That hurt…” Cirno tumbles down from the sky and hits the ground in a daze, “Uhhhhhh…”

Sakuya turns and says, “’Make sure you opponent doesn’t attack from behind,’ huh? Your strategy was sound, but your execution was way off. Still, you just might make it in the world. Let this be a valuable lesson to you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find Letty…” She walks away, “‘Making a blizzard,’ huh? Why do I have a bad feeling about this…?”

Sakuya advances deeper into the forest. The temperature gradually becomes colder, the further she goes. Finally, she reaches an area with strong frigid winds blowing snow around, like a miniature blizzard. “I… guess this is it…” Sakuya covers her body with her arms in a vain attempt to remain warm, but still shivers. Despite that, in a burst of energy, she yells, “ENOUGH OF THIS! SHOW YOURSELF, LETTY WHITEROCK!”

The temperature increases slightly as the wind stops. Out of thin air, a figure materializes: A girl with light-violet hair, wearing a white hat, and purple and white clothes, “Wow~ How lively! So… what do you need with me?”

“So you’re Letty Whiterock. Are you responsible for spring’s disappearance?”

“Why would I be?”

“You only exist in Gensokyo during the winter, right? That makes you a suspect to me.”

“A long winter… Sounds fun! However, I have no idea how to do such a thing…”

Sakuya pulls a ball of spring essence out of her pocket, “Does this ring any bells?”

“I haven’t the foggiest idea what that is.”

Sakuya returns the essence to her pocket, “Hm… I will accept that you are telling me the truth… for now. You don’t seem to be lying, but count on me coming back if I learn otherwise…”

“Just what are you after, asking me these questions?” asks Letty.

“I intend to end this winter and bring spring.” Sakuya turns and starts to walk away.

“I see,” says Letty, “However, I, for one, enjoy being here longer. And so…” Letty raises her hand and materializes a spear of energy in the air. She sends it flying in Sakuya’s direction, which narrowly misses her head. Sakuya stops in her tracks and turns around “… I will NOT let you go and do that. Winter will not end if I have anything to say about it!”

Sakuya draws a knife, “DON’T cross me, Whiterock!” She tosses it and Letty narrowly dodges. Sakuya backs away, opening the distance between herself and Letty.

“Don’t be angry, Miss Maid! You want spring, I want winter! It’s simply a matter of who wants what more!” Letty spreads her arms, and all around her, small blades of magical energy, resembling snowflakes, materialize. They fly at Sakuya rapidly, one by one.

“Tch.” Sakuya quickly flies, dodging the blades. She prepares to tosses a knife at Letty, who creates a gust of cold wind, which blows into Sakuya’s eyes throwing off her aim. She takes cover from the remaining blades by hiding behind a nearby tree. After the blades, Sakuya bolts out from her cover and tosses three knives.

“Heh,” Letty creates another gust of frigid wind, which throws the knives off course. She extends her arms, and sends a flurry of magic bullets in Sakuya’s direction.

Sakuya pauses time long enough for her to get out of the bullets’ path.

Letty draws a spell card, “Cold Sign!” The card turns into white ring of energy, which quickly disperses, “COLD SNAP!” Suddenly, the already-low temperature acutely drops.

Sakuya drops her knives and staggers back as she covers her body with her arms, shivering, “What… what the… hell is… is this…?”

“Cold Snap!” answers Letty, “Didn’t you hear me say it? I lower the temperature so much that the poor victim, namely you, will freeze up like a statue!”

“Damn it…” Sakuya tries to reach down for her knives, only to notice that her joints are becoming stiff. She wasn’t exaggerating! In a matter of seconds, I won’t be able to move at all! Suddenly, Sakuya recalls the effects of the spring essence that Patchouli demonstrated. That’s it! Using her remaining mobility, Sakuya reaches into her pocket and pulls out an orb of spring essence. This had better work! She drops the orb and it sinks into the ground, like it was absorbed. Suddenly, she is surrounded by a comforting amount of warmth. Her body once again moves freely and the snow at her feet melts, sprouting grass in the invisible pillar of spring.

Letty gasps and asks, “Wh-what’s that?”

“The power of spring!” answers Sakuya, “I guess it’s only befitting that it overcomes the winter!”

Letty’s expression turns from confident to worried, “Um…”

“You can’t stop until your spell card’s effects wear off, right? Well then, allow me MY spell card!” Sakuya draws a spell card, “Illusion Sign!” The card vanishes and countless knives materialize around Sakuya.


Sakuya points her finger at Letty, “KILLING DOLL!” The knives speed toward Letty like missiles and tear through her.

“Argh!” The effects from the Cold Snap break, returning the temperature to normal, just as the effects from the spring essence Sakuya used wear off. Letty, with white mist pouring out of her wounds, slumps to her knees.

Sakuya glares at Letty coldly, “Had enough?”

“Ugh… yes…”

Sakuya turns her back, “Then I will be on my way. Don’t even think of trying to stop me this time. Sakuya takes a couple steps then pauses, “It’s not that I don’t understand you, Letty, but many people are suffering because of this winter. Because of that, it’s important to get it back.”

“I see…” replies Letty.

“Even if spring returns, it doesn’t mean there won’t be another winter. It’s just as eternal as any other season.” With that, Sakuya takes to the sky.

Letty sits on the ground and says to herself, “’Eternal,’ huh?”

“I saw all that!” Cirno approaches Letty, “I know you could have done much more than that! Why did you stop where you did?”

Letty answers, “I wanted to try to preserve this winter, but even if I stopped her, someone else in Gensokyo would have still risen to the occasion, I’m sure. The winter that is happening now is not natural, and I really should only represent a TRUE winter. Spring must come, as nature dictates…”

Tears roll down Cirno’s cheeks, “NO! I don’t want you to go! I want to play with you forever and ever!”

Letty humbly smiles and says, “Cirno, as a youkai, you have a long life ahead of you, hundreds of years, in fact. That means you will live for hundreds of winters, and I will be there to play with you for each and every one. I will always come back to you.”


Letty rises to her feet, “C’mon, Cirno. Let’s go and make the most of the rest of this winter!”

Cirno smiles happily, “Yeah!”


Elsewhere, above the Forest of Magic, Sakuya flies and thinks out loud, “So Letty wasn’t behind spring’s disappearance… but who else could have done this? Who else could have benefited from stealing spring? I should return to the mansion and ask Patchouli for more leads…”

After a few minutes of flying, Sakuya sees two figures flying below: Blue-clad fairies, like the ones that invaded Scarlet Devil Mansion. “Hm… More of them... Well, I’d might as well take whatever essence they’re carrying…” Sakuya draws two knives and tosses them, cutting through the fairies with perfect accuracy. The essence flutters to the ground.

However, two other figure emerge from the cover of the forest’s trees. After a few seconds of observation, Sakuya recognizes them as Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame.

Marisa says in a confused tone, “Huh? I didn’t do anything…”

Reimu looks in the direction of Sakuya’s knives, sticking out of the ground, “Huh? I know these knives…” She turns and looks skyward, straight at Sakuya, “Suh… SAKUYA?”

Sakuya sighs and says, “Oh, it’s you two. Lucky me.”

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