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Stage 2: The Beginning-PartA

Somewhere in a plane of existence, beyond that of the world of Gensokyo, a female figure, shrouded in darkness, looks up at a large, but withered, tree, singing “Saaaakura~ Saaaakura~.”

A second figure approaches the figure from behind, “Looking at the Saigyou Ayakashi again, Yuyuko-sama?”

“Oh. Youmu! Yes… I am…”

“Among all the sakura that grow around here, the Saigyou Ayakashi undoubtedly would be the most magnificent. Unfortunately, it fails to live up to its potential…”

There is a long silence. Finally, the first figure, Yuyuko, says, “Perhaps we can change that itty bitty detail. Youmu, I have a BIG favor to ask of you.”

“Whatever is it, Yuyuko-sama?”

“Go to Gensokyo and gather its spring essence. Bring it back here so we can fully bloom the Saigyou Ayakashi!”


“C’mon, Youmu! It’ll be pretty!”

“Of-of course! I shall be on my way…” Youmu respectfully bows and walks out.

Yuyuko pauses and solemnly says to herself, “It’s not so much that, but… I don’t even know myself… Yukari… Why this? Can’t you just…? Why do you insist…?”

                           TOUHOU PROJECT Episode 7: PERFECT CHERRY BLOSSOM

Months later…

Winter is known as a fun time where kids make snowmen, make snow angels, have snowball fights, and generally have a fun time in the snow. On the other hand winter is also known for uncomfortably low temperatures, slippery ice, terrible blizzards, lack of vegetation, and constant need of heat. In summer, people wish for winter, and in winter, people wish for summer. One never appreciates the other until s/he has had far too much of one, and at this point in Gensokyo, the time of wishing for a warmer environment is higher than ever.

However, one season, though all too brief, balances all needs into a picture of paradise: Spring. Not too hot and not too cold. A great season for being outdoors in the gentle breeze. The season where the sakura bloom, ushering a sight of beauty beyond compare. The season that follows winter.

However, spring is all but a distant hope, as it still seems far away, but it’s the time when it should have arrived and presented itself in its full beauty. However, as of the present, Gensokyo still suffers from the cruelty of winter, and that cruelty is greater than ever, a paradox to what is expected of the current time of year.

At the top of a sizable flight of stone stairs lies the Hakurei Shrine, home of Gensokyo’s resident miko, Reimu Hakurei. It is a popular visiting spot for youkai around Gensokyo, recently, the former enemy of Gensokyo, Remilia Scarlet, has also taken a liking to visiting the shrine. However, in the fury of the elongated winter, hardly anyone, human or youkai, had had the motivation to step outdoors.

Reimu is the only miko in Gensokyo, but she rarely acts like one. Though surprisingly competent at her duties, she prefers a laid back lifestyle, like sleeping.

Inside the shrine, Reimu buries herself in the covers of her futon, trying to get some extra warmth in her poorly-heated shrine. However, this time, unlike all the other time, there’s so much heat, it’s almost abnormal, and she gets a good night’s sleep, as opposed to all those other nights where the cold kept her up.

Finally, with a pleasant feeling, she wakes up, whispering, “What a good night… The weather must be improving…” There is a sudden gust of frigid wind outside, which seeps between the wooden planks of the shrine’s walls, freezing Reimu to the bone, “Brrr… Or not. I guess it’s still the same, dammit…” She randomly glances at her pillow and notices that her long black hair, lying along it, is mixed in with just as many golden strands of hair, “Huh? Has it gotten so cold that my hair is starting to lose color? This is terrible!” Reimu tries to move, but hits something soft.

“ZzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz...” With that, there is a snoring noise, not belonging to Reimu, followed by a slightly disturbed snort, but goes back on track.

Her eyes scan the surroundings and see some things on the floor that she doesn’t recall: A heavy coat, a red scarf, snowshoes, a bamboo broomstick, a black dress with a white apron, and a pointed black hat. Reimu instantly recognizes the latter portion of these things, then looks into her futon, to see a peacefully sleeping face of a girl with long wavy blonde hair. Reimu’s post-awakening awareness comes flooding to a peak, and after a few seconds…

“AAAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAhhhhhhhh!” Reimu leaps out of bed.

The girl that was in bed with Reimu wakes up, mumbling, “Mornin’, Rei-chan… Have a good sleep?”

The girl is none other than Reimu’s longtime friend, Marisa Kirisame, a human witch. She’s extremely book-smart and a hard worker, unlike Reimu, who’s naturally competent at what she does, though she tends to lack common sense at times. She’s foul-mouthed and very intense when her adrenaline reaches its peak.

“’Good sleep,’ my ass!” yells Reimu, “What the HELL were you doing in bed with me? Uninvited, no less!”

Marisa responds, “Don’t pretend that you didn’t like it, Reimu. You were tossing and turning until I got in and snuggled with you. You needed what I provided.”

Reimu, confused, asks, “Wh-what?”

“Another’s body heat,” answers Marisa, “We share the heat from our bodies, giving each other warmth. People do this to survive in freezing waters. Same concept. Brilliant, eh?”

Still aggravated, Reimu says, “Brilliant, perhaps. Indecent, DEFINITELY!”

“Who the fuck cares about decency? I did you a huge favor for you, helping you sleep through this cold, especially with what you are wearing!” says Marisa, pointing out Reimu’s choice of night clothes, a white nightgown with very thin fabric, “What are you thinking? You should have worn something heavier than that!”

“This is all I have!” exclaims Reimu. Suddenly, another chilly draft passes through the shrine. Reimu covers her body with her arms.

“Ah! That’s cold!” yells Marisa, who moves sideways in the futon, making room, “PLEASE! Come back to bed, Reimu!”

“I REFUSE!” There’s another draft, “Brrr… Okay… I guess it beats this…” Reimu climbs in the futon with Marisa.

“Thank you!” says Marisa, “You’re a true pal!”

“Why did you come here?” asks Reimu, “Isn’t your house good enough?”

“Of course it is!” says Marisa, “It’s nice, warm, cozy, and a hell of a lot better insulated than this shrine!”

“So why come here, enter without being invited, and climb into bed with me?”

“Reimu, my friend, I come bearing news!”

“Huh? What?”

“I have reason to believe our spring is elsewhere…”

“That’s weird. Why do you think that?”

“Last night, I stepped outside to sweep some damn snow off my front stairway, when something soft landed on my hand…”


“A lively, pink, and healthy cherry blossom petal!”

Reimu blinks a couple times, “Are you sure you weren’t imagining it? Maybe you want spring to arrive so much that you’re imagining the aspects of it in desperation.”

“Reimu, I already confirmed that I am not. I looked at it for a LONG time. I examined its texture, I smelled it, I left it on a table, left the room, then came back and it was still there! It was too real to be a figment of my imagination! I came here to show you, but…”


“I guess the cold was too much for the little bud and it withered and died…”

“Why did you come here with that?”

“Because this winter may be unnatural! It lasted far beyond when it was supposed to end. All the sudden, symbols of spring are falling into my hands… Besides, I can imagine it happening. Remember when Remilia covered Gensokyo in that mist. This could be similar…”

“Are you saying Remilia is behind this?”

“No. I see no reason for her to do so. The sun is still very much present in this weather and she’s probably suffering as much as we are, but something must be up with the prolonged season. I came here, hoping you would come along and help me investigate this.”

Reimu turns over, “You think I’m always willing to get up and help out, don’t you?”

“So what are you gonna do? Sleep on it?” An extra cold gust of wind blows through the shrine.

“Man… this sucks… Sure, I’ll help. Anything beats winter. Hell, maybe we can get an elongated spring while we’re at it.”

“Now you’re talking!” Marisa gets up, out of the futon, making a determined pose in her heavy purple wool pajamas, “We’re gonna head to the Forest of Magic and go from there!”

Reimu gets up and rolls up the futon, “Sounds like a plan… but first, let’s get dressed!”

“Okay!” Marisa gets ready to undress in front of Reimu.

“AHHH! What are you doing?”

“Changing, of course!”

“Then let me do the same elsewhere!”

“Why? We’re both girls. What do we have to hide?”

Reimu scoffs, “Heh… You snuck into my futon and slept with me! Excuse me for being a TAD unstable right now. Besides, my clothes are around that corner anyways!” She goes around a nearby corner and into the shrine’s restroom, where she keeps her usual clothes. She and Marisa talk as they change. As Reimu brushes her hair, adds the braids on the sides of her face, and ties her hair back with a red ribbon, she asks Marisa, “So Marisa, why the snowshoes, there? You have a broom, so why didn’t you use it?”

Marisa, straightening her tangled hair with her hand and braiding the hair on one side of her face, says, “You can fly like me, but I guess you don’t unless you gotta. Fine! It was pitch black out and there was a blizzard going on! Those things together are a fucking BITCH to fly through! I was best off going it by foot!”

Reimu comments, as she sheds her nightgown and puts on her underwear, sarashi, and red shirt, “You know… You could have waited until morning to come over!”

Marisa, shedding her pajamas and putting on her lingerie and black shirt, says, “And prolong the winter any further? No fucking thanks!” She puts on her skirt, “And your sweet, sweet body heat was too good to pass up!”

Reimu pauses and blushes as she puts on her skirt and tightens her belt, “H-huh?”

“Juuuuuuust kidding, though it was still nice…” laughs Marisa, putting on her hat.

“Ha! Ha! REAL amusing, Marisa,” says Reimu sarcastically, as she tightens her white sleeves below her shoulders.

Reimu walks out of the restroom, wraps a red scarf hanging nearby around her neck, retrieves her four-foot-long gohei leaning against the wall, and fetches several handfuls of spell cards, throwing needles, and ofuda from a compartment on the wall a few steps away.

Spell cards are the source of power among the more powerful denizens of Gensokyo, human and youkai alike. They contain power exclusive only those who have the necessary abilities, which are greatly variable among individuals, which is to say, in most cases, only a single individual can use a specific class of spell cards. For instance, Marisa cannot access the power of Reimu’s spell cards, and vice versa. Spell cards are activated by a declaration, which converts it to the energies needed to perform a specific ability. As for the abilities themselves, they vary greatly. Some directly grant power to the user, some enhance objects used by the user, some manipulate the user’s body into performing tasks beyond their conventional abilities, some open up a subspace, allowing for certain powers, etc. The effects are limited however. With some, the effects wear off after a single shot from the granted power, while others go continuously for several seconds, but in the case of either, the effects can be broken should the user’s concentration be disrupted, specifically from pain.

“Ready to go, Marisa?”

Marisa picks up her broom, wraps her own red scarf around her neck, and checks her pockets for her spell cards, “Yup!”

They walk to the shrine’s front door and open it, only for a ton of snow to pour in from the outside and bury them. They dig through to the other side.

Marisa emerges from the snow, aggravated and screaming, “Fuck snow! Fuck ice! Fuck cold! Fuck blizzards! FUCK WINTER!”

Reimu emerges soon after, “Calm down!”

“Yeah, sorry,” says Marisa, taking a few deep breaths, “This snow wasn’t here when I arrived! It must have came afterward! That’s gotta be a record!”

Reimu looks around the shrine’s walkways, seeing the only major accumulation being at the door, apparently snow that the wind had pushed there. She takes a few steps and kicks something out from under the snow, a newspaper, “Huh? Oh, today’s Bunbunmaru News…” She picks it up and reads it out loud, “’Hello, your daily reporter, Aya Shameimaru here! As I report from my warm quarters, do know that there will be a lot of accumulation today, especially…’ Grrr… ‘around the area where a certain clueless little miko lives. Have a nice day!’” Reimu chucks the paper as hard as she can and it tumbles down the side of the hill where the Hakurei Shrine stands, “Bitch…” The tengu reporter, Aya, usually likes to poke fun at Reimu in every other newspaper she writes. As such, Reimu sees her as her unofficial arch nemesis. “Saying more stupid things from whatever birdhouse she lives in! Shouldn’t she have migrated south anyway?”

Marisa shrugs, “Well, let’s bring on spring so Aya will have one less thing to make fun of you about…”

Still frustrated, Reimu says, “Yeah…”

Reimu focuses, slowly levitates off the ground, and starts flying.

Marisa hops on top of her broom and takes to the air herself.

The two girls fly through the chilly skies, in the direction of the Forest of Magic and Marisa’s home, roughly 25 minutes away from Hakurei Shrine, as the crow flies.

“So…” begins Marisa, “What are you gonna do when we get spring back?”

“Sleep under a sakura tree,” answers Reimu.

“Good old Reimu!” laughs Marisa.

“What are YOU gonna do?” asks Reimu.

“Er… Read under a sakura tree?”

“Haha! Same old Marisa!”

Marisa suggests, “How about I read and you sleep under the SAME sakura tree? The perfect unified consummation of our victory!”

“It’s a date,” says Reimu, “But let’s focus more on the present. There’s only one clue, and it’s not even a very reliable one…”

“But a clue, nonetheless,” Marisa reminds Reimu, “That one little petal is the best lead we’ve got!”

“That’s true, Mari_”

KABOOM! There is a sudden loud noise in the distance, followed by a column of smoke. Reimu and Maris stop and hover, looking in the direction of the sounds and smoke. Marisa shrugs and say, “Oh, it’s probably noth_”

KABOOM! KABOOM! KABOOM! More loud noises. “Doesn’t sound like ‘nothing…’” says Reimu. The noises are coming from a distant village.

“I’ve passed that village before,” comments Marisa, “I don’t think anyone lives there, but…”

“I won’t sleep easy ignoring this,” says Reimu, “Let’s go!” She flies in the direction of the village.

Marisa shrugs, “Whatever. If there are explosions, it’s bound to be fun…” She follows Reimu.

As they approach and hover outside the village, the situation becomes clear. A swarm of fairies, at least a hundred of them, fly around the village, firing magical bullets. Every one is dressed the same: wearing a one-piece blue dress and a blue ribbon. They all seem to be of the lowest level of fairies, often viewed on the same level as insects, as none of them have voices and their attacks aren’t very organized, but there are still a lot of them. Still, it’s rare for so many to be in one place, and for all of them to be exactly identical.

“Fairies?” asks Reimu, “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

“Normally, I’d ignore this,” says Marisa, “But first, a prolonged winter, and now a fairy attack of THIS magnitude. My gut feeling tells me something... I’d say it’s time to kick some ass!”

“Indeed,” says Reimu, “Let’s split up and cover more ground!”

“That’s my line!” yells Marisa, flying toward the cloud of fairies.

Reimu chooses another direction and does the same.

Marisa flies and dodges incoming shots from the fairies with relative ease, “Ha! These things are easy, just like the others!” She fires random blasts of magic energy into a swarm of fairies. A few of the fairies burst, like balloons popping. From their remains, tiny pink objects, resembling sakura blossoms, only much smaller, fall to the ground. “What the hell?” mutters Marisa, “That’s unusual coming from a fairy, but it sure reminds me of something…” The battle between Marisa’s quality and the fairies’ quantity rages on.

Elsewhere, Reimu’s situation with the fairies is just as good. A fairy flies in her path, extends her tiny arms, and fires a magical bullet. Reimu arches around it and throws a needle at the fairy, which bursts, and like the ones Marisa destroyed, tiny pink blossoms fall. Reimu flies over and scoops up the blossoms. Suddenly, a bunch of them fly into Reimu’s hand and condense into a small sphere of pink light. She puts it in her pocket, “It’s strange and promising, but I’ll look at it later… For now…” Three more fairies approach. As Reimu is about to toss her needles at them, a brown streak flies by, and the fairies burst into petals. “Huh? What was th_” WHAM! Suddenly, there is a powerful impact in Reimu’s gut, “GAAAKKKK!” The thing that hit her bounces off. It resembles a ball of sorts. Reimu falls, lands on the roof of a nearby house, and tumbles before coming to a stop, “Wh-what the hell was that?”

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice yells, “MEOW! Take that villain! That will teach you to sick your mindless squad of fairies on MY town!” The figure comes into plain sight, curled into a ball. It uncurls and shows its full form to Reimu: A girl with short brown hair, wearing a red dress and green cap. More noticeable than that, however, is that she has two brown cat-like tails, white ribbons on each, cat ears, one with a round golden earring, her golden eyes also catlike, and red claws on her fingers.

Reimu demands, “Who… and WHAT… the hell are you? Well, a feline youkai, obviously. Why did you call me a villain?”

The youkai hisses, “Hssssss! I called you a villain because you are one! You lead your army of trained fairies to attack my town, nya! With my masters away, I, the nekomata, Chen, will drive you and your little flunkies out!”

“Hey, ‘Chen!’ I am not leading these fairies! I saw them attacking and decide to get rid of them! I’m on your side here! You must have seen me get rid of some fairies!”

“Despicable! You attack your own flunkies to cover your trickery, nya? You are the worst! However, I am too smart for you, nya! I can see through your deceit! You can’t fool me, nya!”

“Damn it…” mutters Reimu, “It looks like you won’t listen to reason. Just get out of my way, catgirl, or I will MAKE you!”

“Nyahaha! You show your true colors, nya! Well then, try me! Hssssss!”

Chen curls up and starts rotating increasingly faster, gathering momentum, finally rocketing toward Reimu.

“Ah!” Reimu jumps up and takes to the sky, narrowly avoiding Chen, who crashes into the house instead. The building collapses in a geyser of splinters.

Chen flies out of the rubble, enraged, “Darn it! You’d better have insurance for that, nya!”

“You brought that on yourself!” Reimu tosses a needle at Chen, who deflects it with her claws, then extends her hand and fires a medium sized magical bullet, which Reimu simply flies around. Chen follows up flying straight at Reimu and swiping with her claws, which Reimu dodges by rotating her body. Chen quickly turns, extends her arms, and fires a thin beam of red energy, which slams into Reimu before she can react, “ACK!” She is sent reeling, but recovers fairly fast.

“Nyahaha! Gotcha!” Chen starts spinning sideways, with her hands extended. Moving in a fast and complex pattern, she fires a barrage of round shots at Reimu, who pulls an ofuda out of her pocket and holds it in front of her. It expands to a size larger than herself, creating a large two-dimensional shield. The shots harmlessly bounce off.

“That was kind of a surprise,” says Reimu, “but you won’t take me like that!”

“Nya! Darn it!” Chen draws a spell card, “Cat Monster!” The card turns into red energy, which flows into Chen’s hands, creating a crimson aura, “CHEN!” The aura extends outward, through each of her fingers, then solidifies in the form of blades. Each of Chen’s fingers has claws the length of swords. “Take this, nya!” Chen flies at Reimu, preparing to strike with her claws.

“Tch,” Reimu tosses an ofuda in front of Chen, which turns into a barrier.

“MEOW!” Chen swipes at the barrier with the claws, rending it to pieces. Reimu backs off to a safe distance, but Chen starts to close in fast.

Reimu draws a spell card, “Treasure Sign!” The card turns into a ring of red energy, which rotates around Reimu like a hula hoop, then disperses.

“Yaa!” Chen swipes at Reimu, who backs away in the nick of time, as the energy claws rip through part of her skirt. After Chen’s attack, her defenses open wide enough to allow a reprisal from Reimu. She swings her gohei downward, knocking Chen to a lower altitude, “MeOUCH!”

Reimu looks down at Chen and spreads her arms, “Yin-Yang Scattering!” Four yin-yang orbs materialize around Reimu. She sends two orbs toward Chen. They start glowing with golden light.

“Ah!” Chen blocks the orbs with her energy claws. Reimu sends the latter two orbs down. The four come together and explode in a burst of white light. Chen falls to, and tumbles along, the ground.

Reimu lands shortly after and pulls some needles out of her pocket, “Care to continue?”

Chen cries, “Hsss! If my master were around, nya, you wouldn’t have stood a chance!”

Reimu scoffs, “You mean you’d have your master fight your battles FOR you? Can’t you make a better excuse?”

Chen angrily says, “No, if my master were AROUND, I’d have destroyed you!”

Reimu, still not understanding Chen’s words, says, “Whatever. You could have avoided all of this you know. I have nothing to do with those fairies.”

Chen starts to fade into thin air, “Rooowwww! Ran-sama’s gonna yell at me for this…”

Reimu shrugs and floats back into the air, “What an odd cat…”

At the same time as Reimu’s battle with Chen, Marisa’s battle with the countless fairies rages on.

Two fairies fires shots at Marisa, who dodges them, via a barrel roll, then directs her arm at them and fires two quick shots of magic, destroying the fairies. Five fairies approach from the right, all conveniently lined up. Marisa extends her middle finger. (Could use her index finger, but she intends an insult), and a magical laser shoots out. She sweeps the laser through the fairies, taking them all out in one swoop, “And screw you!” She flies to and lands on top of a watchtower on the outskirts of the ghost town, “Shit! No matter how many I destroy, the situation never feels any different!” The fairies fly in Marisa’s direction. Marisa draws a spell card, “It’s a damn waste to use these on low-level youkai like them, but they’re bound to wear me down if things continue like this…” She raises the spell card, “Magic Sign!” Blue energy flows into Marisa’s broom. She hops on and the broom moves very fast toward the fairies, almost at supersonic speed, “Stardust Reverie!” Star-shaped projectiles drop from the broomstick’s bristles in its wake. Marisa flies through the fairies, quickly flying around opposing fire. She projectiles disperse in various directions, tearing through the fairies. They all burst and the small petal-shaped objects drop to the ground.

Marisa does a U-turn and grabs one of the petals out of curiosity. As if responding to the retrieval of the petal, all the other petals fly into Marisa’s hand. Even though there are enough petal-shaped objects to fill an average bathtub, they all condense into a transparent pink ball, which comfortably fits into Marisa’s hand, “Just… just what the hell is this? Why were those fairies holding it?”

“HEEEEEEEY! MARISA!” Reimu’s voice echoes over the silence of the ghost town.

Marisa flies over to Reimu’s location. The two of them look around. “I think that’s all of them,” says Reimu.

“Yeah,” says Marisa, “I take it you held up as well as me?”

“Well, it was a little strange,” explains Reimu, “I was attacked by this cat-like youkai, who was also fighting the fairies, but she thought I was leading them. We got into a huge fight and I drove her off…”

“Odd,” says Marisa, “As for me, I got rid of all the fairies. They dropped some weird pink stuff…” She shows the pink ball to Reimu.

“I also got something like that,” says Reimu, though it’s not as big as yours. Do you have any idea what it is, Marisa? Have you read a book on it?”

“This is a first for me,” says Marisa, “but no, I haven’t!”

“They look like the petals that symbolize spring. Might this have something to do with it?”

“Dunno. Maybe. I would have… AHEM… ‘borrowed’ a book from Patchouli regarding it if I knew this would happen. My gut feeling says it has something to do with it, though…”

“This is promising,” says Reimu, “but neither of us really know about this. Let’s just hang on to this stuff and head to the Forest of Magic, as we were.”

“Sure,” agrees Marisa.

Reimu and Marisa leave the ghost village, back en route to the Forest of Magic.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location, Chen mopes around, saying, “I couldn’t do it, nya… I failed, nya… I’m too weak, nya… ARGH! Stupid old lady leading those stupid fairies to destroy the village! How will I explain this to Ran-sama and_”

“I see you are in rather high spirits, my loyal shikigami…” A deep, but womanly voice come from nowhere. Into view steps a girl with blonde hair, golden eyes, wearing a white hat and white and blue clothes. Like Chen, however, she also has animalistic features, namely the pointed ears under her hat, the clawed feet, and nine fox-like tails.

Chen tenses up, “Ruh… Ran-sama! You’re back, nya?”

“Yes, I’m back,” says Ran, “Just what were you complaining about and why aren’t you keeping watch over Miyohiga?”

“About that…” Chen explains, “I WAS protecting the village, nya, but suddenly, it was invaded by a big swarm of fairies. I fought them off, nya, until I saw their leader!”

Ran raises an eyebrow, “’Leader?’”

“YEAH! This black-haired old lady! I’d say she was human, nya! She wore red and white clothes, nya! Her armpits were all exposed, the indecency, and…”

“Hold on,” says Ran, “You say a HUMAN led them?”


“Says her or says you?”

Chen freezes, “Says… me…”

Ran puts a hand on her forehead, “Ah, Chen. Still so naïve… Low-level fairies are not intelligent enough to follow orders from another. They just act on instinct, mindlessly doing what drives them. Did the human say anything?”

“She said she was getting rid of the fairies, nya, and I didn’t believe her.”

“She was probably telling the truth. C’mon, let’s return to Miyohiga…”

Ran and Chen warp back to the village, only to see that most of the buildings are still standing. Chen opens her mouth in surprise, “All the fairies are… gone, nya?”

Ran nods her head in satisfaction, “Apparently. The mistress will be pleased.”

“About the mistress, nya, what’s with her? Why take spring and everything?”

“She has been happier, but her depression has still lasted. What she has been trying to recover is only half there. This involves recovering the other half…”



Reimu and Marisa enter the airspace of the Forest of Magic and start to descend. Throughout the forest, all is the very image of winter, as all the plants, except for the pine trees, are withered.

Along the way, two fairies, like the ones in the village appear.

“Dammit!” yells Marisa, “More of them? Well at least it’s only two…”

“Not a problem,” says Reimu, grabbing her needles.

Just as Reimu and Marisa are about to attack, however, the two fairies burst, and their petals fall to the snow-covered ground.

“Huh? I didn’t do anything,” says Marisa.

Reimu looks at the ground nearby to where the petals have fallen, and sees two knives sticking out of the ground, “Huh? I know these knives!” She looks toward the sky and sees a familiar figure hovering above, “Suh… SAKUYA?”

Sakuya sighs and says, “Oh, it’s you two. Lucky me.”

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