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文責:射命丸 文

Season 120.
Classification: Special Feature Article Memo
Editor: Aya Shameimaru


Peak Flower-Viewing Time Continues In Gensokyo


Sunflowers, Irises, and Cherry Blossoms all blooming without regard to season


Presently, I imagine everyone is already aware of the flowers blooming throughout Gensokyo.


Instantly noticable, each and every flower blooming at the same time makes this feel like a mysterious season.



The reason for this is unclear at the moment, but seeing all the flowers has lifted everyone's spirits so it doesn't feel dangerous at all.


No one knows if this is someone up to mischief or merely a naturally-occuring phenomenon.


However, in this ever-changing land, this phenomenon is seen as a gift from Gensokyo itself by youkai and humans and they are enjoying the spectacle.



Like other incidents in recent years, this phenomenon has a strange nature as well.


First, no one has any idea as to how this phenomenon came about.


Every season's flowers are blooming regardess of temperature, time of day, time of sunrise, amount of rainfall, yet this is just another exempleary spring.


At this point in time, no one knows who would make flowers from every season bloom at once.


Also, one can make any flower bloom by giving it power, but there are too many of them for this to be realistic possibility.



And there is one more unusual characteristic. If someone were to giving power to the flowers to make them bloom, no one can feel any danger anyway.


That is, no one feels any strong power at work. The flowers only give off a faint energy.


It is a power so thin that it feels as if it could vanish at any moment.


There is no explanation for how such a thin power could cause something so widespread.



This time, it's not just the youkai, but the humans who are also enjoying this phenomenon.


The shrine maiden is also running around Gensokyo, but no one knows if she will really return everything back to normal.


Meaning that while she usually headed for a single point before, this time, she's just staggering here and there.


Perhaps she is also enjoying the flowery spectacle.


But it's not just the shrine maiden. The humans and youkai alike are cheerfully flying around here and there.


With everyone floating among the flowers, I'm sure that some noisy nonsense will happen whenever they unexpectedly run into each other.


Is it is, everyone should be careful.



I have also been enjoying this phenomemon, but while I was hiding among the flowers, I discovered another abnormal event.


I think it's fair enough to call this an incident.


What I saw is likely connected to the cause of the unusually blooming flowers, but I won't report anything until I can confirm it.


I am presently in the middle of investigating this. Later on, I want to write a full report.

射命丸 文

(Aya Shameimaru)

東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Touhou Kaeidzuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View.


The power of colors that had endured the winter had been released. It was now the season of budding life, spring.


The flowers were in full bloom, and the fairies were making a racket.


--However, it wasn't just spring flowers, but flowers from every season had bloomed, but that was not the real incident.


Reimu went about her usual routine, and flew out from the shrine with no goal in mind.

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