Basic Gameplay

Controls This game uses the mouse for all controls.

Gameplay The goal in this game is to get the highest score possible in three rounds.

Round 1 In the first round, the player must click the button above the character he/she playing when the bar left of the character fills to the fullest. The bar will fill. When full, it will flash white and lower. Once the bar is empty, it will loop and start to fill again. This round is nearly identical to round of the original Megaton Punch.

Round 2 After round one is completed, two spell circles will appear on the screen. They will circle each other in a strange but predictable pattern. At one point, the spell circles will overlap and as before, flash white showing the best time to click the button. The button from the last round has not gone away and is still above the character you're playing. This round is also almost identical to round two from the original Megaton Punch.

Round 3 After you've clicked the button for round two, the button will go away and an object on a string will appear. The string is attached to your mouse cursor, and has an elastic property. The object will vary depending on which character you've picked. If you picked Marisa Kirisame, the object will be a color changing star. If you picked Suika Ibuki, you will have her saké gourd. And finally, if you picked Utsuho Reiuji, you will have a ball of nuclear fusion. The object of the round is to swing the object so it's going as fast as you can get it, and get the balance as close to 100% as possible. To do this, shake your mouse around, and once it's stretching down as far as you'd like, click. If the power is high enough, you will use a spell that varies depending on character, that will have a catastrophic effect to the earth.

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