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Items in MegaMari can be obtained in two ways:

  • Items dropped by enemies
  • Items found at preset locations

When enemies are defeated, they may drop yellow mushrooms, blue crystals, extra lives, or just nothing. Items dropped by enemies disappear after about 10 seconds, so don't delay. They drop straight down from the enemies and can fall into pits or other areas you can't reach. Also note that the items go through some types of blocks (that you would land on instead).

There are items are found in preset locations in stages. Energy tanks can only be found in preset locations, not counting the use of passwords. Note that once you collect an item at a preset location, it does not reappear until you exit the stage (clearing the stage and re-entering or getting a game over).

Mushrooms and crystals come in two sizes, small and big. They are scattered and generally in plain sight, although some may require Marisa's broom or Reisen's weapon. Some are simply in the path, waiting for you to collect them, while others involve slightly deviating from the path.

Extra lives and energy tanks typically require a harder challenge than mushrooms and crystals. Energy tanks in particular are often hidden.

Mushrooms and Crystals

Yellow mushrooms restore health for the current character, while blue crystals restore energy for the current weapon (for the current character). Each stage contains one or more mushrooms or crystals at preset locations. Enemies also occasionally drop these.

Reimu's Stage

  • After going up three screens, take the upper path to obtain a big yellow mushroom.
  • In the final area (after second Aya encounter, climb up two screens), there are two small yellow mushrooms on a platform up high; you need Marisa's broom. These are hard to get; they're guarded by a mecha rabbit and a Yin-Yang orb. Eliminate the rabbit first. The Yin-Yang orb can act as a stepping stone, so that you can position your broom better.

Cirno's Stage

The second area that has Lily White appearing. If you don't have the broom, you can first take the lower path halfway, climb up to the upper path, and backtrack. Beware of Lily appearing suddenly.

Sakuya's Stage

  • Early on, where there's a ladder heading downward and a ladder heading upward, there are two small blue crystals in the top right corner. You may want to clear the enemies first before climbing up.
  • After the room with four electric enemies, there is a room with enemies guarding a big yellow mushroom. Good timing (or Reimu's or Eirin's weapon) is needed to get the mushroom without getting hit by the enemy guarding it. You can drop down from the disappearing blocks, but it's possible to jump from below to climb the ladder. With Marisa's broom, this room becomes much more trivial.

Remilia's Stage

In the middle of the second set of staircases, there are two small yellow mushrooms. They are on a platform out of reach, so you need Marisa's broom.

Youmu's Stage

  • Once you clear the boat ride section, there are several yellow mushrooms when you enter the next room. The three small ones are obvious, but the big one requires Marisa's broom.
  • After the 1st staircase, there are two small yellow mushrooms in the path to heal your injuries from the staircase.
  • After the 2nd staircase, there are three small yellow mushrooms in the path to help you recharge before the boss fight.

Yuyuko's Stage

There is a big yellow mushroom at the end of the long hallway where ghosts spawn. Using Marisa's broom is recommended.

Reisen's Stage

There is a big yellow mushroom in the second part of the stage, soon after you see large enemies that float down. The mushroom is behind bamboo spikes that you can jump over to get it. Using Marisa's brood is recommended since the jump is risky.

Eirin's Stage

Drop down the rooms with spiked thorns, taking care to avoid death. On the left, there are four small blue crystals. Jump over the spikes carefully.

Castle Stage 1

  • After you get back inside, as you go up, one room has a big blue crystal. Using Marisa's broom is recommended to avoid falling back to the previous room.
  • When going down past the lasers, in the 5th screen, there is a big blue crystal. It is primarily there for recharging Thousand Knives; use it once to get it more safely.
  • After clearing the lasers, at the end of the hallway, there are two ladders going down to the next room. The left ladder is the path you take and you can collect two small yellow mushrooms in the top left corner, while the right ladder gives you two small blue crystals.
  • Continue going down to find a big yellow mushroom on a small floating platform above the spikes. Note that you can get this mushroom off-screen after the boss fight begns, if you manage to go up high enough.

Castle Stage 2

  • There are two small and one big blue crystals at the left in the beginning. Use Marisa's broom to reach them. Note that your health is restored when starting the next castle stage, but not your weapons.
  • In the next room, there is a big yellow mushroom that you can reach using Marisa's broom.
  • In the room after that, before the long broom ride, there are two big blue crystals. Use them for your broom if necessary; you need almost full energy for it to get across the spiked thorns area.
  • After two sets of disappearing blocks, in a small compartment, there are four small blue crystals. Time yourself so you won't hit the spike trap that drops down.
  • In a small room with green barriers while you move up, there is a big yellow mushroom (and a mushroom tank). Destroy the green barriers with Reisen's weapon.

Castle Stage 3a

  • Each star block contains either a small yellow mushroom or a small blue crystal. Shoot the block to make the mushroom or crystal appear above it. These tend to not disappear.
  • When you see the two electric enemies, take the lower path when you see the spiked thorns you can get a big blue crystal (but you will have to take the upper path to continue the level). Take care so that you don't collide with bullets and fall.
  • There is an easy way to restore your health just before the boss fight. When you see three rows made out of brown destructible blocks (no star blocks), do not destroy them. Instead of entering through the door, climb up the blocks. Then fly to the right with the broom to to get on the land above the door and collect the big yellow mushroom. Keep going to the right to find even more mushrooms in the next room (6 small ones and 2 big ones). There's more than enough to restore you to full health.

Castle Stage 3b

  • Go up one screen to find a big yellow mushroom on the left side. You will need to drop down from up high in that screen.
  • As you keep going up, there is a big blue crystal behind the green barrier. You need Alice's Mental Sacrifice to destroy the barrier.

Castle Stage 4

  • After encountering Meiling, there are three small blue crystals near the ladder.
  • Each time you defeat one of the 8 bosses, she will drop a big yellow mushroom. Be aware that if you're on the teleporter when the boss is defeated, you will automatically exit that room. This may cause you to miss the mushroom.
  • Once you defeat the 8 bosses, a path to the right opens up and in the next room, you can ride an elevator platform up to a teleporter. After entering it, there will be two big blue crystals on the left side, there to refuel your weapons for more boss fights.

Castle Stage 5

As soon as you begin, there will be two small and two big blue crystals, one of each on the left and likewise on the right. You need to have enough broom energy to jump down to one side and then go to the other side.

Extra Lives

Lives are indicated in the weapons menu by Marisa's hat (can be 0 to 6). Extra lives (flashing Marisa face) can be found in certain stages. Enemies also occasionally drop extra lives.

Sakuya's Stage

After the first spikes appear, there is a ladder to the top left. Climb up two rooms to find an extra life. If you have Reisen's weapon, then you can use this path as a shortcut.

Reisen's Stage

After encountering the large enemies that float down, the area full of bamboo spikes, in a small space above. Defeat the enemy first. Using Marisa's broom is recommended.

Castle Stage 1

When going down past the lasers, on 2nd screen at the bottom platform. Drop down to the left as you enter the screen and then turn to the right to get the life.

Castle Stage 2

Before the long broom ride, use the broom to jump up and reach the life.

Mushroom Tanks

A yellow mushroom tank can be found in many stages. It restores one character of your choice to full health.

Reimu's Stage

At the place of Aya's second encounter. Hidden behind the cherry blossom tree clouding the area underneath Aya. Watch out for fairies. Requires a little jump.

Youmu's Stage

At the end of the second stairway, use Marisa's broom to fly back towards the left. You will need to be at a correct height and have almost full energy for the broom. Jump across a few platforms to get the tank.

Yuyuko's Stage

In the 3rd series of red floating blocks, stay at the top of the screen and jump across, timing carefully not to jump too early. If you have the broom, you can just use it to jump up from below after getting past the red blocks.

Eirin's Stage

Before the boss room, go to the top left corner of the screen to discover a hidden room. Watch out for the flying rabbits; it may help to jump over them when they fly toward you.

Castle Stage 1

  • Jump on the first moving spiked platform to reach the tank at the left.
  • When rushing down past the lasers, there is a tank on 6th screen in a horizontal corridor. The only way to get it is to use Marisa's Thousand Knives to stop time and freeze the lasers. Use it at the right moment to get the tank and come back out safely.

Castle Stage 2

In a small room (middle of ladder climbing) before the room with spike pit traps, plainly visible. Destroy the green barriers with Reisen's weapon.

Castle Stage 4

Requires Reisen's weapon and Marisa's broom. On the screen with spikes, there are two green barriers on the left wall: destroy the upper one to enter another room. To destroy the enemies below and grab the tank safely, you can use either Reimu's or Eirin's weapon.

Star Tanks

A blue star tank can be found in Reisen's stage. It restores all of your weapons to full energy.

Reisen's Stage

After going upward two screens, in an area with two stationary but jumping blue rabbits on the right, drop down into the space between the bamboo and the rocks. There's a passage through the rocks (indicated by the gap between rocks); jump through to get to the next room to find a star tank. Defeat Rumia and watch out for attacks from above.

Mega Tanks

A turquoise-green mega tank (has a mushroom and stars on it) can be found in one of the castle stages (where you control only Alice). It fully restores health and weapons for both characters.

Castle Stage 3b

After the three small rooms where you drop down. When you drop from the third room, jump down on the left side to land on an invisible platform; if you miss, jump to the left from the large platform. In the hidden room to the left, there is a mega tank on an ice platform. Be careful not to jump while trying to get the tank, lest you hit the spiked thorns. Instead, tap the directional buttons repeatedly to slowly inch forward towards the tank and then back to the ladder.

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