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Developer Tasogare Frontier
Publisher Tasogare Frontier
Released 2006
Genre 2D Side-scrolling action/platformer
Gameplay Single-player story mode
Platforms Windows 2000/XP
Requirements Pentium 1.2GHz, DirectX 9, VRAM 64M, DirectSound, 256MB RAM

MegaMari - 魔理沙の野望 (MegaMari - Marisa no Yabou, lit. Marisa's Ambition) is a Touhou game in the style of Mega Man by Tasogare Frontier, the makers of Immaterial and Missing Power, starring Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid.


Tired of Marisa (and occasionally Alice) constantly 'borrowing' books from her library, Patchouli Knowledge has hatched a plan to stop the incessant theft. Stashing her book collection deep inside a mechanized fortress filled with traps, she enlists the help of several other Touhou characters, all of whom have their own bones to pick with Marisa for one reason or another. With the help of Alice, Marisa sets out to defeat the other girls and gain new powers from them before making a climactic raid on Patchouli's castle to bring home another big haul of books.


Main article: MegaMari: Gameplay


  • Z = Jump / Confirm (for menus)
  • X = Shoot
  • C = Switch Character (Marisa fires shots while Alice fires a single beam)
  • Escape = Soft reset

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