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Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

Little Sweet Poison

Medicine Melancholy

Species: Doll

Ability: Manipulation of poison

A doll thrown away into a lily-of-the-valley field; over the long years she became a youkai.

As only a few years have passed since then, she is a novice youkai.

Her ability is manipulating poison.

Certain kinds of ingredients, taken from a plant, can drive an animal mad. She learned that through experience, and established a method of manipulating humans as she pleases.

In addition, as she is not a living being, poison is harmless against her.

Dolls are usually manipulated by humans. Because of this, she wishes for doll emancipation, but there aren't many dolls who agree with her. To begin with, other dolls don't move on their own...

The lilies-of-the-valley, which weren't expected to bloom, have begun blooming all at once this year. In addition to that, even autumn flowers which weren't supposed to bloom are blooming too. She learned that there are many powers she has never seen in Gensokyo.

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