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Spell Card 153

192px-MBSC153 No. 153: 「隠神家の狸寝入り」

"Inugami Clan Playing Possum"

Owner: Konoha Susanomori
Omniverse — Omniverse
Comment: Trails of bullets glide by and then lay low. Then, when you're not expecting it, they spring back as a deadly surprise.

Tanuki warfare is all about trickery and deception.

Spell Card 154

192px-MBSC154 No. 154: 「DNAの母娘」

"Mother and Daughter of DNA"

Owner: Naruko Uzushima
Omniverse — Omniverse
Comment: DNA passed down from the mother of humans, from mother to daughter down to the present generation.

Naruko apparently has some interest in genetics as well as whirlpools.

Spell Card 155

192px-MBSC155 No. 155: 「人類滅亡大洪水」

"Deluge of the Destruction of Mankind"

Owner: Miyo Amazu
Omniverse — Omniverse
Comment: Water multiplies indefinitely in the bottomless ladle.

In time, all the world will be submerged.

Spell Card 156

192px-MBSC156 No. 156: 「地球を創る陸海空」

"Land Sea and Sky that Form the Earth"

Owner: Tsubame Minazuki
Omniverse — Omniverse
Comment: Pendulums representing land, sea, and sky swing back and forth.

The winding bullets Tsubame shoots at you yield ridiculous amounts of graze. It's not impossible to rack up 6 or 7 extra lives.

Spell Card 157

192px-MBSC157 No. 157: 「色即是空走馬燈」

"'Form is Emptiness' Revolving Lantern"

Owner: Kasumi Shindou
Omniverse — Omniverse
Comment: Blue, green, red, and finally purple - as the light turns, different colors phase through reality.

Kasumi becomes vulnerable only when purple is active.

Spell Card 158

No. 158: 「バースデイ・イブ」

"Birthday Eve"

Owner: Megumi Yaobi
Omniverse — Omniverse (Reimu)
Comment: "It's a day early, but I hope you like it!"

Megumi's idea of a birthday gift seems to fit in just fine in Gensokyo.

Spell Card 159

192px-MBSC159 No. 159: 「知恵の樹の黙示」

"Revelation of the Tree of Wisdom"

Owner: Megumi Yaobi
Omniverse — Omniverse (Marisa)
Comment: Items and death come raining down~

Megumi shoots at you whenever you pick up an item, so it can be tough to approach her.

Spell Card 160

192px-MBSC160 No. 160: 「人蛇リリス」

"Human Snake Lilith"

Owner: Megumi Yaobi
Omniverse — Omniverse (Sanae)
Comment: Undulating snakes travel across the screen, stretching from one edge to the other.

There are no random factors, so planning is key.

Spell Card 161

192px-MBSC161 No. 161: 「塩生む白色の星」

"The White Star that Brings Forth Salt"

Owner: Mikoto Yaobi
Omniverse — Omniverse (Reimu)
Comment: The stone mill that brings forth the water of life.

Salt is produced wherever the lines intersect.

Spell Card 162

192px-MBSC162 No. 162: 「生老病死オブザーバー」

"Observer of Life's Four Inevitables"

Owner: Mikoto Yaobi
Omniverse — Omniverse (Marisa)
Comment: Birth, aging, sickness, and death - the inescapable consequences of being.

Mikoto observes your futile attempts to evade them.

Spell Card 163

192px-MBSC163 No. 163: 「地の塩、世の光」

"Salt of the Earth, Light of the World"

Owner: Mikoto Yaobi
Oniverse — Omniverse (Sanae)
Comment: Mikoto gives a sermon while trapping you between bullets coming from both above and below.

The light from above is aimed, so if you move systematically you can focus on the salt.

Spell Card 164

192px-MBSC164 No. 164: 「死を生む黒色の星」

"The Black Star that Brings Forth Death"

Owner: Otohime Kanpukugu
Omniverse — Omniverse (Reimu)
Comment: Grazing in the first phase will bring you life. Bullets grazed during the second phase will turn into oxygen.

You die if you graze one tenth as many bullets in the second phase as you did in the first.

Spell Card 165

192px-MBSC165 No. 165: 「死生有命リボルター」

"Revolver of the Fate of Life and Death"

Owner: Otohime Kanpukugu
Omniverse — Omniverse (Marisa)
Comment: Wheels made with bullets and fairies spin out from the center while Otohime fires continuous aimed shots.

Killing Otohime will create chasing bullets, so it's imperative to break through the wheels while avoiding shooting her.

Spell Card 166

192px-MBSC166 No. 166: 「もっと光を」

"Mehr Licht"

Owner: Otohime Kanpukugu
Omniverse — Omniverse (Sanae)

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