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Most of the characters in Marine Benefit are original and non-existent in the Touhou Project. The following three are, however, officially part of the Touhou Project and are playable characters in Marine Benefit, each with three different shot types. The rest below are the originals.

Playable Characters

165px-MB Reimu Hakurei


Shrine Maiden of Paradise, Red Miko

Reimu Hakurei

The familiar shrine maiden. The hakurei shrine maiden. She does not seem to realize the perils of the sudden appearance of water. She was fed up with the summer, with all the sweat drying up. Having been called upon by Yukari Yakumo, Reimu went diving in the sea to cool down. Would she, who had always been floating, manage to arrive at the destination?

145px-MB Marisa Kirisame


Ordinary Magician, Blue Magician

Marisa Kirisame

Gensokyo resident, ordinary magician, and carries a bad habit of collecting things. Suddenly, she had great interest in the sea. Since it was such a rare event, she sailed out in blue clothes. Although she looked for sailor suits, it seems like she wasn't able to find any. Her Mini-Hakkero probably stays active and does not rust even in the large amount of salt water.

161px-MB Sanae Kochiya


Newbie Goddess of the Mountain, Green Miko

Sanae Kochiya

A Miko that lives in the Moriya Shrine on the Youkai Mountain. Not used to Youkai extermination. She was troubled by the continuing rain. She went to investigate the sea by the order of Kanako, even though she thought that investigating the sky would be a more appropriate method to stop the rain. Since Kanako said it, the cause is probably the sea. As memories of the sea floated into her eyes again, she proceeded to resolve the incident - something she isn't used to.

Enemy Characters

  • Konoha Susanomori as Stage 1 Midboss/Boss
  • Naruko Uzushima as Stage 2 Midboss/Boss
  • Miyo Amazu as Stage 3 Midboss
  • Tsubame Minazuki as Stage 3 Boss
  • Kasumi Shindou as Stage 4 Midboss/Boss
  • Megumi Yaobi as Stage 5 Midboss/Boss
  • Mikoto Yaobi as Final Boss
  • Otohime Kanpukugu as Extra Boss (referred as Kanpukugu xxxx in the game)
  • Stage 1 Midboss/Boss

Konoha Susanomori (Failed Person with a History)

  • Stage 2 Midboss/Boss

Naruko Uzushima (Innocent Youkai in a Whirlpool)

  • Stage 3 Midboss

Miyo Amazu (Mass-changing Funayuurei)

  • Stage 3 Boss

Tsubame Minazuki (Self-Confident Forecaster of the Sea)

  • Stage 4 Midboss/Boss

Kasumi Shindou (An Oasis Under the Sea)

  • Stage 5 Midboss/Boss

Megumi Yaobi (The Mistress of the Underseas Vigor)

  • Final Stage Boss

Mikoto Yaobi (Mother Spring of the Sea)

  • Extra Stage Boss

Otohime Kanpukugu (The Dropper of Dropped Items)

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