March 10 "A Mysterious Dream"

Busy... in my everyday life i was so exhausted that i wanted to rest just for a moment... "I wish i was on a vacation!" I yelled. But i knew it wouldn't happen since my life was always miserably busy in life... So i sleep in bed... and the following moments i never thought it would happen... I dream... a beautiful valley. I feel much like i recognized it, but... suddenly i was attacked by an undefined being... "Wh-what was that!?" I yelled, and a saw... a human! But it's not an ordinary human being... Is it a... a youkai? I only thought they exist in myth... I don't know what to do... so I flee. I try to run as much as possible but, It- Not it's a girl!? I never thought of that... but a youkai is a youkai... they are naturally hostile to humans... and i know... why... I'm being hunted for lunch... I was still running... i still don't know how to beat it... then some attack it. It was a shrine maiden, she was fighting it... I still don't why, but i was so surprise how colorful such a battle i saw. But I never seen a battle like this. But it's too familiar, Then suddenly i was hit by one of the "stray bullets" then i wake up from a dizzy dream saying... "What was that?"

March 13 "The shrine in a boundary"

As days passes, i still think of what happen before... But, I felt useless. No maybe I was too confuse to what I saw. Still who was that shrine maiden? Sigh It was 3 days ago... I nearly forgotten my daily task yesterday because of it... My reason is too light to say it. So it was evening already like any day it was the same... but what will i got to dream...? So i did, I dream but. I felt I waked up again, but in another place? I realize that I was on a shrine. I turn my view to the left, i see a strange boundary... Then a heard someone it was the same girl from my previous dream. "Oh you we're awake" as she is notice me in a distance, so I stood up questioning... "Where I am?" She immediately answered "You're in the Hakurei Shrine, and this is Gensokyo" "Gen... Gensokyo? I never heard such place" I answered... "Ah who are you? Anyway?" She answered "I'm Hakurei Reimu, the shrine maiden of paradise". To what i heard it must be her title... "Why your alone?" I asked, but she didn't answered... So I was curious why, still I was wanted to know why I'm here...I feel, that I'm waking up... Or maybe sleepy there... I was still don't know why, but.

March 14 "A blazing star"

As I awake from bed, I was felt unhappy. But i still don't know why... But I knew i should ask her quickly why I'm having the same dream? But i still don't know... what is going on. So I decided, not to work... After all my body feels tired. So made my breakfast and try to relax for a bit. "I never thought i could relax after all those days" I mutter... But should I tell to them? Maybe they will just laugh. But I had to tell them that I need a day-off. So I called on phone. "Oh it's you." one of my co-workers answered. "A... A day-off?" she spoke in a slow yet surprised tone, "Ah yes, I feel that I'm having a slight fever, maybe boss will let me had a break?" I feel that this idea is not going to work... However "Ah boss said that It's fine. Since you are working straight." She replied, but I never thought that my boss will let me... But I still wonder what's going on, in my dream.

Hours past until night comes... I still tried to relax myself as I could but still, I wasn't never used to "relax for a day". But now i could sleep... I still wonder if i could dream it again? Still I decided to sleep early, to recovered the lost day I loan to. A few minutes past I suddenly open my eyes. I felt that I'm dreaming again. But I'm seeing bright colors... It was another battle, like what I seen a few days ago. Then I'm seeing someone flying, It's heading towards to the shrine... It was a witch, then I saw the Shrine Maiden fighting on her... Is she her enemy? Still the battle was furious, they exchange one magic attack after another... yet none of them is giving up. Then they witch paused then fallback, Is she's giving up? Then she scream... no it sounds like she is declaring something. "Blazing Star"! Then suddenly she disappeared... I was unable to see where she go to. "You! Get away from there!" The shrine maiden yelled as if it's a warning, then I turn to where she's pointing, a bright star was heading toward me... It was too late to dodge it. I can't move at all, it's still moving fast towards to me... It was too bright to look as if death is at instant. Then out from nowhere the Shrine Maiden is in front of me, preparing for an impossible defense... Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier" then she build a barrier. "That barrier will not stand chance on this attack!" The witch yelled proudly, yet Reimu remain calm. Then a shockwave blew the two, even I was caught by blast. Then before i was hit something, I suddenly wake up and I feel surprised...

March 17 "Wondering vision"

After that day, after I suddenly wake up. I felt that hit something, however i feel relived that nothing happen... But I muttered... what actually happen? Still I shouldn't think about it... It's more like some sort of death nap. Afterward I check the time, "I'm almost late for work!" So pack my stuff and go to work, even I'm late.

I simply ignore what happen that day, even thought I'm getting strange dreams.

Even thought I'm late they simply ignore my mistake... "Oh late I see~" one of my co-workers said. But I decided to focus in my job. As always, it was the usual work, until evening pass. I simply go home. Sit on the chair thinking about what I dream last night... And so sleep. However I saw a strange delusion...

Soldier "Where are we?"
Girl in a Kimono "This is gensokyo, like you said... somewhere to refuge from the war."
Soldier "So what do you want in return?"
Girl: "Simple, help me regain dominance on this valley"
Soldier "Sounds villainous to me"

Then I wake up, back in the shrine. I saw the witch sitting next to me... "Ah finally your awake ze" she said in a confident tone. "Hey it was you who overdid it in the first place." Reimu scolded the mysterious witch... Still they are fighting a while ago. "Um, who are you?" I asked her name. "Oh me? I'm just an ordinary witch. Kirisame Marisa is my name" she introduce herself in a strange way... "Quite long for a name introduction." Reimu noted. "It was strange, why you two fight a while ago?" I ask them. "Oh That? We're doing that all the time. We're practicing our abilities." Marisa told me. "What.. the?" I felt dizzy.. "Hey are you okay? As I heard Reimu and starting to come near... I fainted for no such reason. By why? What's the reason?

March 18 "Who I am"

It was 1am When I suddenly awake from the dream... I think I need to sleep again, but i felt not sleepy so I took some sleeping pills. Since I had no work today... *sigh* Then I will know... Who I am...

I was on the Shrine again... In a bed. Seeing Reimu outside cleaning just like a normal shrine maiden... But... she isn't a normal shrine maiden... sigh After all she hunts youkai... Real Youkai that is... "Oh your awake... Again." she muttered. "I'm sorry, I felt something is wrong to me" I apologize... "Why your apologizing?" she asked. "Nothing, since I feel like some slacker." then she laughs "You know in Gensokyo, there is more room for those type of people... But." "But not necessary." So I stand up, inhaling the fresh air. I feel i can stay much longer since... But I feel a little dizzy since I slightly overdose myself. "Well then... Is there a village where Humans lived?" I asked. "Go down there, and follow old road. But I warn you. There are youkai. Unless you can handle yourself." Reimu is correct, if can't don't have the ability to fight... Then I will be nothing but food. "Ah- Um Reimu. Is it okay... If I had a danmaku battle with you?" I asked, like I know that it is necessary. "Fine, but I will take you easy for now" She stands up, but I feel nervous... Then she rain bundle of talismans on me. Hitting on me. "Try to graze to the bullets!" She shouts, as she is warning me... I believed this is more of a training, so I will learn from this. Youkai Buster! She lunch pink talismans. So I tried... Grazing on to it. "This is incredible!" I was amaze on what I'm doing... I felt no pain. "Don't be overconfident! This is just the beginning!" Again she hailed so many talismans upon me, I knew she is serious. "I must use some sort of spellcard!" But... I can't! Then a talisman manage to hit me in surprise. I scream, sending downwards... I never even knew that shot was kinda strong... "Well that was something" She smiles at me... "Even it's your 1st time fighting, still you manage to hold on." Yes... she is right I never fought before... even in real life... wait is this a dream? Yes. After all... Suddenly I woke up... I realize I'm sleeping for 9 hours... That was fast...

March 20 "To find and to cover"

It was 2 days since I had the longest dream in my life... Kinda short... still I had to go back to work after all. I don't want to make this as an excuse. Still what is the reason why I want to learn a spell card? I don't even know how to make one. But-

I think it's best if I put it aside... But... "I can't think at all!!!" So I decided to put this aside... For a while... "So had you think of an idea?" Marisa approach me. I only stare confusedly. "I still had no idea." She only make a grinding smile as she explains. "Once you know the rule of spell card usage, anything you will make will be simple,colorful and powerful." Still I didn't get it. Then something flew above my head.

"Whoa!" I only look as it hit on a youkai. Then more youkai simply appear... I only wonder why. Still Marisa continue to attack the incoming youkai and fairies to our position. I quickly cover and let her do the exterminating. "Are you afraid on this weak youkai?" She snickered as she simply continue to barrage the youkai. "I still need to figure how to make a spell card!" I simply yelled, then she toss a card as she was retaliated suddenly by someone.

Ice wings... An Ice Fairy?

"You! With the witch hat! Why you firing so nonsensically?" She said. "Heh this is Danmaku" Marisa only answered as fired a single sphere towards her. I only think it could be a stray shot. Their battle begins quickly as the Ice Fairy name Cirno fight against Marisa. It take only a few minutes... Then Marisa was suddenly defeated by Cirno's Icy attacks. "Ha! This is unexpected." Marisa commented. "Hey! Had you think a spell card already?" She ask me... But then Cirno notice me. "Oh another challenger! I will be happy to fight with you too!" She suddenly charge on me... It was too late for me to make an excuse. This must another rule... I should be careful while observing a match... But... "Agh." I was nearly graze her shower of ice bullets. It was easy to dodge them but I can't be reckless at the moment... But I notice I'm the forest... Must be the reason why Marisa lose easily... So I quickly jump to the top of the Forest luring Cirno. "That's the spirit! Beat her in that spot." I suddenly sense a strange power into me... I feel... I can win. 1st Fall "Whore of Babylon" then feel unconscionably barraging with a series of colorful bullets down to Cirno... Afterward she was defeated.

"..." I only feel dizzy after fighting with the Ice Fairy. I notice she already left and Marisa escape the destruction cause of my spellcard. "Good work! Now let's show it to Reimu and-" I was in darkness... That spell card is tiring to used.

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