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Ten Desires - Settings and Extra Story.txt

○Extra Boss  The Tanuki Youkai with Ten Transformations

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Species: tanuki
Ability: the power to make things change shape

A youkai tanuki of proper upbringing.
An unusual youkai that lived outside of Gensokyo.
She's made her way inside this time to help out an old friend in a pinch.

Tanuki take great pleasure in watching the reactions of humans that they trick, so they seldom take direct damage. They are more powerful on the night of a full moon.

Their ability to shapeshift makes them similar to the nue. Neither of them seem to be terribly effective youkai when it comes to close combat.

Can this kind of youkai really hold her own against Miko? After all, youkai are fairly self-centered and don't take or give orders easily, so no matter how many would stand up to her alone, they'd still lose in the end.

It seems she'd lived together with humans in her home town (Sado). Sometimes she'd trick them, but she'd also lend money to the poor and worked diligently on any task she was given, so she integrated well into human society.

She doesn't get along with foxes, though, and there's a rumor that no foxes live in Sado.
She would end up causing trouble with the foxes of Gensokyo, but that's a story for another day.

Hopeless Masquerade description in player selection

570px-Th135 Mamizou1
The humans that would turn emotionless when it became midnight.

The cause for this was that out of the sixty-six masks of the menreiki, one of them, the Mask of Hope, had been lost.

It seemed there were several solution strategies being advanced.
When she heard about them, she went to the religionists to ask about what happened afterwards.

Urban Legend in Limbo official website

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