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Mamizou in Fan Culture

  • Since Mamizou is a Tanuki youkai, her tail and ears have been compared to the Tanuki power-up from the Super Mario Brothers three video game in fan works. [1] .
  • Fans have also linked Mamizou to the character Mami from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica [2]
  • Many fans depicted her with large breasts. This is possibly due to Japanese mythology in which a tanuki had inflatable testicles. However, as Mamizou is a female, they use breasts to compensate for this.
  • Some fans jokingly call Mamizou the "Loli version of ZUN". this is due to both ZUN and Mamizou wearing a green hat and small glasses similar to ZUN's. She also has a bottle of alcohol clearly displayed on her person in artwork, furthering the connection.
  • Some fans depict her as a racecar named Mamizoom (her head being attached to one), due to the similarity of her first name to the word zoom. There is even a fan page. She often spouts the phrases "VROOM VROOM" or "TOUGH ROADS AHEAD!" She is depicted as the arch nemesis of Mamizou herself, and is sometimes paired with Kosuzu Motoori's vehicle form, Kosuzu Motoorboat, or Alice Margatroid's vehicle form Alice Margatrain.
  • Some fans believe that Mamizou's design may have been inspired by the characters Konoha Susanomori and Kasumi Shindou from the fan-made Touhou game Marine Benefit due to the fact that she is also a bake-danuki with a brown colour scheme like Konoha and has comical eyewear like Kasumi.

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