MSH (also known as kindlymsh) is a Chinese Touhou player. As of March 2009, he currently holds the world record on the Undefined Fantastic Object demo.

MSH was the first player to "break" Touhou 12's scoring system, having released a 485 million Lunatic replay no more than 24 hours after the demo's initial release. Since then, he has improved his score to 621 million using a more optimal UFO collection sequence.

He maintains an active presence on 东方小镇, a prominent Chinese Touhou fansite and community. On the message boards, he has written a detailed post explaining his strategies for Touhou 12.

MSH's tips for Touhou 12 scorerunning

  • First, about the 3 UFO pieces. The UFO pieces that every large UFO spits out (either when full or imploded) are determined by the color of the 3rd piece in the UFO sequence you last completed. This is very important!
  • The red UFOs' multipliers are actually x2.0, not x1.0 as shown on the screen.

Stage 1

  • RGB: The third UFO piece is initially red, but because 10 enemies appear from the right at the same time, collect the piece as soon as it turns blue--don't hesitate!
  • BBB: When the first two blue pieces appear, immediately collect one -- or better yet, both. Next, wait for the two rows of enemies from left and right to converge along the center of the screen, then defeat them along with the two large butterflies. At that point, collect the last blue UFO piece to complete the sequence.
  • BG-(Mid-boss defeated)-R: Collect the UFO piece that's always red.
  • BBB: While you're busying collecting these pieces, make sure not to let the butterfly carrying the green UFO piece to get away!
  • RGB: The last UFO piece must be blue, so that the two UFO pieces ejected by the large rainbow UFO can be both blue. Otherwise, the UFO pieces will fly off the screen during the pre-battle conversation with Nazrin. If time doesn't permit you to destroy the large UFO, then don't worry about it. Make sure its gauge fills up, then collect the UFO piece it drops. When time is up, the large UFO will automatically implode, and then you can collect two blue UFO pieces at the same time.
  • (Enter Stage 2 with 2 out of 3 blue UFOs.)

Stage 2

  • (BB)B (First two pieces carried over from St1): Here, it's better to collect the UFO piece that doesn't change colour.
  • BBB: Not much to say here.
  • RGB: Save the blue piece for last. Please note that the red orbs appear before the UFO-carrying butterfly. Wait for the butterfly to appear! Don't kill the red orbs first!
  • (Mid-boss: As soon as you see the spellcard, use a bomb and collect the red+green pieces.)

Notable player records

Game Mode Score Date Character type Notes
Undefined Fantastic Object Lunatic (Demo) 621,271,970 2009/03/17 Sanae-B

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