Thank You Kansha!

Thank You!

Arrangement: myu314, Lyrics: , Vocals: ビートまりお

Afureru yokan wo ryoute ni
Hajimaru boku dake no uta
Ai da toka, koi da toka sonna n ja nai yo ne

Overflowing with anticipation,
I start my very own song.
But it's not about things like love or affection.

Hisashiburi da ne
Konna ni doki-doki shite
Hayaru ki ga, asebamu te ga
Zembu ga mou hajiketa

It's been a long time
since I felt this excited.
My impatience, my sweaty hands,
everything is already bursting!

Machi-tsuzukeru koto wa
Tokui ja nai kara
Mata deaeta koto ni
Thank you kansha! Soshite arigatou

Because I am not good at
waiting for very long,
if we ever meet again,
Thank you, my gratitudes! And also thanks.

Koko kara geemu wo hajimeyou
Sutaato botan wo oshite
Konna n demo, donna n demo
Ganbatte miseru sa
Tsutaetai omoi wo kotoba ni
Utau yo, boku dake no uta
Ai da toka, koi da toka
Sonna n ja nai n da

And now, let's start a game,
Press the start button,
No matter how hard it, or anything else is,
let's give it our best shot!
I want to say what is on my mind,
I'll sing them, as my own song.
But it's not about things
like love or affection.

Hana mo sakaseta, shashin datte totta
Dakedo chotto monotarinai
Itsumo no hou ga suki
Uwatsuita jikan wo
Sugoshite-kita kedo
Machi tsuzuketa hibi ni
See you baibai! Soshite sayonara

I made flowers bloom,[1] and I took photos,[2]
but they weren't quite enough.
I liked the way things always were.
The restless time back then,
it may have already passed,
to the days of endless waiting
See you Bye bye! And farewell.

Kakaeta nimotsu wa sono mama
Sagasu yo, honto no michi wo
Aa da toka, kou da toka
Furimawasarete mo afureru yokan wo ryoute ni
Hajimaru bokudake no uta
Ai da toka, koi da toka, sonna n ja nai yo ne

The luggage I carry is still unpacked
as I search for the true path.
Is it there, or is it here,
I show my overflowing anticipation,
Here it goes, my very own song,
But it's not about things like love or affection.

Suteki na geemu wo arigatou
Subarashii kamisama ni kansha
Kore kara mo, itsu made mo
Daiji ni shite yukou

Thanks for the great game,
and I give thanks to the wonderful gods,[3]
and I hope that every day will be
as important as this.

Tsutaetai omoi wo kotoba ni
Seiippai bokunari no uta wo utau yo
Nan-do demo, konna n ja tarinai

I want to say what is on my mind
I will sing with all my might, the song of my own,
but no matter how many times I do, it will never be enough.

  • In this song, COOL&CREATE's (Beat Mario's?) sings about how thankful they are to ZUN.
  • He sings about how he had to wait for and the happiness he experienced with the new Touhou Danmaku shoot 'em up; after the release of Imperishable Night (Comiket 66, August 2004), a regular, official danmaku game had not been released until Mountain of Faith (Comiket 72, August 2007), and in the time between them, several irregular official works was released, e.g. two shooting games, one fighting game, one setting book, one comic, and six CDs. He happy to play it after waiting for so long.

^  ^  These lines refer to how he played Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Shoot the Bullet respectively, perhaps joyfully many times, but despite that, he sings about how he wanted a regular work, because PoFV and StB are only spin-off games.
^  He sings about his thankfulness for Mountain of Faith being released, because Comiket 73, the season this CD released on, was just after Comiket 72, that of Mountain of Faith.


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