Shoot the Lights
Vocals: Shihori

Now I think I'm gonna to miss you
Like the sun you shine into me

Everyday Everynight I wanna get your love
Cause you've got to be
Your smile is driving me crazy all the time

There's no turning back
Keep on going to red light
Round & round you're mystery of love
That's all, I'm longing to go for baby
Givin' a dimension to me

Baby just tonite
I'm feeling what about you say
Call that your lover"good night"
If you won't leave me, Come inside
I don't wanna give it up, Let's carry on

I'm gonna take you high
However felt that before?
I guess you'll hold me tonite
You Know? My Lover
Shoot the lights We'll do

Cause you know I'm in love with you
Coming down from my eyes tonite

Are you coming now, Losing in my mind
Why don't you hold me tight
Your heart is bringing me so frenzy all the time



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