Vocals: AXEL.K (MEN'S), Shihori (LADY'S)

Saturday night I call you
Make you decide
Won't you try me now
Let's start it again
(How do you feel?)

So I'll let you know
We gonna move our desire
Feeling like a rising sun in the light, Baby

Break it down the wall
Never have it all clear
World is going crazy with no reaction
Racing through the night
If you can, hold me now
Show you how to live in the fire

Play my game!
So we can put the flame on fire tonight
It's so high, woh, woh
Don't you say nothing honey feel the power
Pray it one more time
Ready go?
I wanna see it in your eyes, drive it together
All the things let you forget this pain, reality
Oh baby, take me up, shake it up tonight

Running in the dark
Your shadow like a vision
Full of passion and emotion, You feel
(Don't let me down)

So I'll let you know
We gonna rage in the world
When the music flow you know
Take a chance, Baby

★★ repeat


★★ repeat



  • ^ These characters literally translate into "Howaa!!"

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