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"Leimu! Leimu!"

(In the first episode Marisa made Alice eat a strange mushroom, causing her breasts to grow huge. Marisa now goes to the Hakurei Shrine in search for a cure for Alice... well, kinda.)

Illustrations were taken from these videos: [1] [2]

Marisa: Reimu! Reimu!

Reimu: My... isn’t it Marisa? Came to drink the offering sake again?

Marisa: No, I didn’t. I know it’s sudden, but... do you know some charm or something to make breasts smaller?

Reimu: Huh? A charm to make breasts smaller?

Marisa: Yeah, yeah. I kind of need one.


"Didn’t I give you some ohagi the other day?"
"Ahhh, those were bleeding good…"

Reimu: I dunno... what about asking Suika? By the way, was it you who ate one of the manju over there?

Marisa: No, I didn’t eat any manju yet.

Reimu: What do you mean by “yet”? Anyway, the manju I put in the box are disappearing. And those are supposed to be offerings… Didn’t I give you some ohagi the other day?

Marisa: Ahhh, those were bleeding good…[3] But whatever, I’m busy right now!

Reimu: Ehhh... it really looks like you don’t know anything. Maybe Suika, then?

Marisa: Who knows...

Reimu: Hey, Suika! You’re there, right?

Suika: Hehe, I was found out, wasn’t I? I didn’t eat it.(^w^)

Reimu: Heh? That’s weird... I’m sure there’s one less. I know I put 6 of them in the box a while ago. [opens box] AHHHH!!



Marisa: What happened Reimu?

Reimu: It’s gone, other one of the manju disappeared!

Marisa: Are you sure, Reimu, can’t it be a false impression?

Reimu: I-still-haven’t-shown-but-3-of-my-108-styles! [4]

Marisa: T.. this is Gensokyo! Speak Japanese!

Reimu: But I’m sure it was here!

Marisa: It’s no use… you seem really worried. Maybe we should call an onmyouji?

Suika: Douman… Seiman…[5]

Reimu: If that’s the case, I’m gonna put a seal on the box. Ha! OK, now let’s keep watch, everyone!

Suika: Ehh!? We have to do it too?


"What an eerie night"

Reimu: Of course, it's not like you are doing anything anyway.

Suika: Aww... c’mon…

Marisa: Gee, yare yare da ze... [6]




Meanwhile, back at Alice’s.

Alice: Marisa is so late… And my chest got so big, what am I going to do?




(caw, caw)

Marisa: What an eerie night.

Reimu: Ok, I’m going to open it.

All: N- NONE!!

Marisa: How come!?

Reimu: USO DA!!![7]


"N- NONE!!" "USO DA!!!"

Marisa: There’s not even one left!?

Reimu: And they were here before, right?

Marisa: I’m sure there were five before!

Reimu: What in the world is happening? Maybe it’s… a curse? Something must be happening to Gensokyo!

Marisa: Could it be the gap youkai’s doing? You don’t have to get so worried.

Reimu: No, this is nothing ordinary! If I don’t go out soon, something bad might…


Marisa: Hey, Reimu!? Ahh, there she goes… Gee, what a precipitated shrine maiden.

Suika: Operation successful!

Marisa: Huh, could it be that this was your doing?

Suika: Of course! Look at the lid of the box. See? The manju are all sticked to the back side!

Marisa: Ohh, this is kind of smart, really. Well done deceiving Reimu!

Suika: Munch munch… itsh sho guud♥

Marisa: Well, I guess I’ll eat too. Hmm, manju are really delicious! But other than that… don’t you think you went too far?

Suika: It’s just Reimu that got all Miss Alarmed.

Marisa: Hahaha... well, I gues it’s fine. This way I can enjoy some yummy manju!


"Tsuruppeta tte iuna!!"

Reimu: Damn it, Suika!!


Suika: Gyaaa!!!

Marisa: Ah, Reimu came back! She must have sharp ears…

Reimu: Stop right there, you flat-chested demon girl!

Suika: Don’t call me flat-chested!

Marisa: Demon girl is fine, then? Oh, by the way, this mushroom is supposed to make your chest bigger. Maybe I’ll try using it later.

Reimu: Your are not getting away with that!

Marisa: Ouch! A stray bullet!?

Reimu: I said stop right there! Ha! Sei!



Marisa: Uwah! The mushroom!

Suika: Woo-hoo!

Marisa: Uwaaa... Suika got huge!

Suika: Whoopee!

Marisa: Gee... yare yare da ze.

(Will Marisa eventually find a solution to Alice's "problem"? Find out in in the Alice's Big Boobs Saga conclusion!.)


  • ^  A Higurashi no Naku Koro ni reference. If you saw it, you can't have possibly forgotten.
  • ^  I believe this is a reference to Gin Ishida, from Prince of Tennis.
  • ^  Reference from Let's Go! Onmyouji, also appears in Tsurupettan
  • ^  Yare yare da ze... ("What a bother...") is a common manly phrase of Joutaro of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure that fans frequently attribute to Marisa as well.
  • ^  USO DA!! ("That's a lie!!") is another not-quite-forgettable Higurashi reference.


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