Care Over!!

Care Over!!

Arrange:D.watt+Sound CYCLONE Vocal:神波千尋(Studioどらごんめいる)、龍波しゅういち(Studioどらごんめいる) Lyrics:夕野ヨシミ

Care over!! (Care over over)
Care over!! (Care over over)
Care over!! (Care over over)
Care over!! (Care over over)

Care over!! (Care over over)
Care over!! (Care over over)
Care over!! (Care over over)
Care over!! (Care over over)

nani ka itteru koe ga kiboeru wa
kitto ki no sei ne
datte atai wa tensai atai wa tensai damono

It sounds like a voice saying something is audible
Though surely it’s just my imagination
Because I’m a genius , I’m a genius, that’s why

ichininshou wa itsudemo Atai
kimetaku nakereba dokodemo Try
gensoukou wa imademo Yukai
nigetaku nakereba daredemo Yabai

I am the first person at all times (?)
if you don’t want to decide it, we can try it anywhere
Even now Gensoukou is so pleasant
Whoever wants to run away from here, is so awful

haiteru kotoba wa zettai tensai
jijitsumukonna jishin no chou High
yume ni made mita ren’ai tenaki

Words really are coming out, I’m unmistakably a genius
Entirely contrary to fact, I have super high confidence
I even in saw in my dreams, a passion explosion

kimitsumugenna jigen houkai
shiranai mono nai Miss. Genius

So it's an completely air-tight frozen sea
For the person who doesn’t know Miss.Genius

misuumi ni usuku batta KOORI ga
yasashiku doiki wo ukete hirakeru yo Steady

Putting the coolly thin layer on the lake
is easy like a sigh. It develops so steady.

kinchoushinai de hora odori mashou fuyuzora no shita
SUTEPPA kizamu AICHIKURU tatta isshun no Moment

Look there is nothing to be stressed about, let’s dance under this winter sky
Step cuts like an icicle, a momentary moment.

Freeze (Heat) Freeze (Heat) {x2}
Creep (Bye) Creep (Bye) {x2}
Care over!! (Care over over) {x8}

Freeze (Heat) Freeze (Heat) {x2}
Creep (Bye) Creep (Bye) {x2}
Care over!! (Care over over) {x8}

ason dara iin ja nai no nande sou
kitto namederu wa
sonna anta no kakkou anta no kakkou dakedo

It isn’t good to lie when you are playing around
Surely your making light of
That.. your appearance, your appearance, however

Shina no kuni no souja no honden
Soko ni owashita GAMU no gonge
Tatematsurareta onsha no sanzen
Kagayku gokou nanairu no kanzen

Country of Shino(?)’s multiple goddess shrine’s sanctuary
That's where you came from, the incarnation of the toad
You were revered, for your surrounding’s radiance
A shining aura of seven color perfection

Shinkou afureru kawarunai gensen
DAISU sarechatteru taido no honne
Konya negawaku ba kanai anzen

Your belief overflows, coming from an unknown source
But this distress comes and shows your real intention
You pray tonight for security of family

tabun ano shou wa kanari kenzen
kegareteji nai Miss. Shirine

Maybe if that girl is considerably lively
She won’t be a corrupted soul, Miss Shirine

zutto isshoni itai noni futari no kisetsu wa
kaze ni fukare nigeteiku hakanai yo Stay

Wishing always to be together, yet the season of pairs
escapes along with the wind. Don't be so transient, stay!

tanoshi metera ii wa hoshoku no jikan dawa
Iwaserareta “aishiteru” chotto junshinna Comment

It will be great when it is possible to enjoy that time that is preyed on
When that sincere comment of "I love you" is said.

Freeze (Heat) Freeze (Heat)
Belief (Nine) Belief (Nine)
Care over!!

Freeze (Heat) Freeze (Heat)
Belief (Nine) Belief (Nine)
Care over!!

Care over!! (Care over over) {x~9)

Care over!! (Care over over) {x~9)


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