Butterfly Journey

Arrange: D.watt Lyrics: 七条レタス Vocal: あさな

floatin' through the space, goin' between the flowers
like a, like a butterfly
openin' it's feathers to flutter so brightly
that's all of the illusion

now we are singing, seein' at field of flowers
like a, like a butterfly
same as the the vision that left on their heart
shown the scenery of past

Chou no you ni harahara ukabi hanabana no ma wo iku
Hane wo hiraki michibiku koe ni kieru maboroshi

Chou no you ni harahara ukabi sora to chi no ma wo iku
Tooi kako to onaji moyou ni hikari hanatsu maboroshi

I'll show your trip
livin' in illusion
like a butterfly
like a butterfly


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