Tale of the Hourai Princess

Arrange: Myon Lyrics: hellnian Vocal: Yuiko

tojite todometa nagareyuku jikan wa
yodomi afurete wa nomikomareteyuku

The stopped and shut, once flowing time
It’s going to be swallowed up in its overflowing stagnancy.

akenai yozora ni nita nibui fuantei
fureru kotomo dekinai mama tadayotte

A dull insecurity, just as a night sky that won’t dawn.
Not having anything to touch, it just drifts about.

kuchihateta toki no nakigara no ue ni saku
kareru koto no nai ichirin no hana wo mitsuketa

On top of the remains of the decayed time, it blooms.
There I found a flower that will never wither.

fureru yubisaki tsutau akaku nureta ichizu na nikushimi
yozora wo terashi yakitsukuukushite akaku
saa me wo kochira ni mukete subete honoo ni makareruyou ni
kaketa kuuhaku wo mitashite yoru wo someteku akaku

Along the touch of my fingertip, there was the red-wetted path of hatred.
The night sky shines and burns up bright a crimson red.
Come, turn your eyes this way, so that you can sparkle everything with flames.
Fill the empty spaces, paint the night a crimson red.

soreha yoru wo yakiharau kurenai

And so the night is burned away into a deep red.

sono me wa nani wo utsushite sono yubi wa nani wo tashikamete
nani ni kuchite nani ni hatete te ni mo nokose nakute
saa me wo kochira ni mukete watashi ni ateru tegami no you ni
omoitsuzuketeita no deshou toga wo koete

What do those eyes reflect, what do those fingers perceive?
It will either decay or reach its end, anything in your hands will be gone.
Come, turn your eyes this way, like a letter addressed to me.
Cross over all the blame you might still be thinking of.

akaku tokashite watashi wo
akaku kowashite watashi wo
akaku mitashite watashi wo
akaku watashi mo anata to

Dissolve me in red...
Break me down in red...
Fill me with red…
We are all red, both me and you.


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