Flash Video

At the end of the flash video, the letter says this:

Cease and Desist
To: Rin's Restuarant of Hell Rin
-Counterfeit merchandise
-Contaminated foreign material
-Zombie fairies are impossible to dodge
-Run-up to 6th boss is too hard
-Manner of dress troublesome
Business is SUSPENDED for these reasons

Kyuukyoku Yakiniku Restaulante Orin no Jigokutei

The Ultimate Grilling Restaurant! Orin's Hell Mansion!

Arrange: ARM Lyrics: 夕野ヨシミ Vocal: 藤枝 あかね

Irasshaimase-! Ohitori-sama desu ka?
Yoku yakimasu ka? Namayake ni shimasu ka?
Haai, oku no seki made jigoku no soko made ichimei-sama goannai de—su!

Welcome! Are you here by yourself?
Would you like your meat well done? Or would you like it rare?
Okay, one to the seat in back, to the depths of Hell!

Rin Rin Ririn Rin Rin Ririn Rin
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Ririririn

Rin Rin Ririn Rin Rin Ririn Rin
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Ririririn (Meow!)

Niku niku niku niku Yakiniku wa
Kyuukyoku no gurume [1] yo (Rinrin!)
Tabete (tabete) Nonde (nonde)
Yoru mo wasshoi! Binbin

Meat meat meat meat—grilled meat is
The ultimate gourmet item! (Rinrin!)
Eat up (Eat up!) and drink up! (Drink up!)
Party the night away! (Bing bing!)

Hei! Horumon ichinin-mae omachi!
Hakobitate no shinsen sozai, sanchi chokusou, himitsu no oniku da yo!

Here you go, one offal platter!
It's our secret meat, just delivered, fresh off the farm!

Shinsen na oniku takusan (Wasshooi!)
Shiiretara shitajunbi (Wasshooi!)
Ajitsuke wa koime ni ne (Wasshooi!)
Nioi gomakasanakya ne
Kaanibaru da yo Fesutibaru Ha!

Plenty of fresh meat. (Hey-yo!)
We'll prep what we've got in stock. (Hey-yo!)
The seasoning's a bit strong. (Hey-yo!)
Gotta let the smell fool 'em.
It's a carnival! A festival! Ha!

Kaiten Okuu no mega furea jikabiyaki da yo
Karyoku ga tsuyosugite yakesugita
Itsumo no koto dakara ki ni sezu sono mama
Nyan nyan nyan nya-ka nyan nyan nyan

We open shop with O-kuu's Mega Flare. It's fire-grilled!
The fire's too strong so it gets overdone,
But that's normal, don't worry and let it be-ow meow
Meow meow-ka meow meow meow

Niku niku niku niku niku juuhachi de [2]
Shikou no menyuu [3] yo (Rinrin!)
Yaite (yaite) Moete (moete)
Horane, nanmai de mo okkee

Meat meat meat meet to mete out meat
From our top grade menu! (Rin rin!)
Grill it up! (Grill it up!) Fire it up! (Fire it up!)
Look! As many slices as you like!

Ran ran goran no arisama da yo [4]
Nokosazu kirei ni (Rinrin!)
Tabete (tabete) Nonde (nonde)
Minna nanmaida! [5] Joubutsu

La la, look at the state you're in.
Clean off your plates! (Rin rin!)
Eat up (Eat up!) and drink up! (Drink up!)
Have a slice of Heaven, all! Rest in peace!

Hei! Nankotsu ichinin-mae omachi!
Tabun kiken-bui de wa nai kedo, yoku yaite tabete itte ne!

Here you go, one chicken gristle plate!
I'm pretty sure it's not hazardous[6], so grill lots and eat it greasy![7]

Mukashi no hito no hanashi de ne (Wasshooi!)
Tabemono wa nandemo ne (Wasshooi!)
Juku-suru tte yuu kara ne (Wasshooi!)
Kusari-kake ga ii no yo (Wasshooi!)
Kaanibaru da yo Hannibaru Ha!

You know what the old-time stories say: (Hey-yo!)
No matter what the food is, (Hey-yo!)
It all goes ripe someday, (Hey-yo!)
So it can start to rot, that's fine! (Hey-yo!)
It's a carnival! For Hannibal! Ha!

Jikken Okuu no giga furea kakuyuugou da
Karyoku ga tsuyosugite hai ni naru
Shoudoku ni naru kara ki ni sezu sonomama
Nyan nyan nyan nya-ka nyan nyan nyan

We'll test out O-kuu's Giga Flare—it's nuclear fusion!
The heat's too strong, so it gets burned to ash,
But that'll be sterilized, so don't worry and let it be-ow meow
Meow meow-ka meow meow meow

Rin rin rin rin rinkai-toppa, seigyo wa funou yo (Rinkaai!)
Tokete (tokete) Hikaru (hikaru)
Ondo Kyuujouhou

Crit-crit-crit-crit-critical point exceeded; now it's out of control! (Critical point!)
Melt it down! (Melt it down!) Light it up! (Light it up!)
The temperature's rising fast!

Kofu kofu kofu kofu cherenkofu da, aokute kirei ne (Rinkaai!)
Yabai (yabai) Atsui (atsui)
Kyou mo ukkari! Mizumore

Cough-cough-cough-cough-Cherenkov, so beautiful and blue! (Critical point!)
On the spot! (On the spot!) It's so hot! (It's so hot!)
Another coolant leak slip-up today!

Hei! Nama-atatakai biiru no you na mono omachi!
Awa made oishii sosogi-tate da yo!
Rin chaan!

Here you go! One glass of lukewarm, beer...-like stuff! [8]
Freshly poured, so even the foam head is delicious!
Rin chaan!

Rin Rin Ririn Rin Rin Ririn Rin
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Ririririn
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Rin Ririn Rin
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Ririririn

Rin Rin Ririn Rin Rin Ririn Rin
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Ririririn
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Rin Ririn Rin
Rin Rin Ririn Rin Ririririn

Tabemono wo somatsu ni wa dekinaiwa, yurusenai
Nokosazu ni tabenakerya norou wa yo, nante ne☆

No wasting your food—I won't allow it!
If you don't eat it all up, I'll haunt you—not!☆

E? Pantsu? haiteru wa yo?
Uchi wa Eientei to wa chigau n desu. Sou yuu omise ja nai n desu.
Chotto! Sawannaide tteba!
Iikagen ni shinai to yakiniku ni suru wa yo!

Huh? Panties? I'm wearing them—why? [9]
Our restaurant isn't like Eientei's. [10] We are not that kind of shop.
Hey! Don't touch me, I said!
I'll turn you into grilled meat if you do that again!

Shaku shaku shaku shaku shakunetsu-jigoku, atochi no shinise yo
Yaite (yaite) Moete (Moete) kogete
Ii nioi ne

Hello, hello, hello, hello, Hell o' Blazing Fire—our place has been here a long, long time!
Grill it up! (Grill it up!) Fire it up! (Fire it up!) Char it—
What a tasty smell!

Niku niku niku niku yakiniku wa
kyuukyoku no gurume yo
Tabete (tabete) Nonde (nonde)
Kyou mo happii da! Manpuku

Meat meat meat meat—grilled meat is
The ultimate gourmet item! (Rinrin!)
Eat up (Eat up!) and drink up! (Drink up!)
It's another happy day! 'Cause you're stuffed!

Okaikei, hyakuman en ni narimaasu!
Ara, omochi de nai? Sou desu ka!
Oniku no shiire no tema ga, habukemashita☆

Your total comes to ¥1,000,000!
Oh, my, you don't have that much? I see!
Well, that saves us time and effort stocking up more meat!☆

  • This song, especially the "Rin Rin..." refrain and the primary verses, is mainly a parody of a very popular Japanese oldie, "Love Dial 6700" (Koi no Daiyaru 6700) sung by Finger 5. In the original, the "rin rin" refrain is meant to imitate a phone ringing, whereas here it's just based on Rin's name.

^  ^  Come from the Supreme Menu and Best Menu (Kyuukyoku no menyuu, Shikou no menyuu) of Oishinbo.
^  This refers to a piece of wordplay for the multiplication table. Niku (meat) sounds like ni ku (2, 9), and 2*9=18.
^  A catchphrase of a very long-running hit adult game series, Sexy Magical Girl Ai Three (魔法少女アイ参). It was supposed to represent Ai's abused state, but because of the adverse relationship between the the software company's designer and management, the phrase came to mean "poorly made works".
^  This is a pun between nanmai (何枚, how many slices) and nanmaida, a variant on Namu Amidha Butsu, a prayer to Buddha.
^  Kikenbui (literally, "risky portion(s)") is a sarcastic reference to the idea that restaurants serving meat, such as grill restaurants, tend to use cheap meat, or risky portions, in order to cut costs.
^  A parody of "Yukkuri shiteitte ne!"
^  This is derived from a broadcasting phrase representing a dangerous weapon as "something like a crowbar" (バールのようなもの, bāru no you na mono), which intends to include another weapon of similar type. The people on 2chan found it funny, so it's since been used to joke about something dangerous with redundant wording. In this song, however, since beer is supposed to be kept cool in Japan, Rin is implied to be using urine to make a glass of fake beer, although the other served dishes are edible and seem very delicious...
^  Orin mentions that their grilling restaurant isn't a no-panty shabu-shabu (ノーパンしゃぶしゃぶ). A sane, normal shabu-shabu shop only serves vegetables and thin slices of raw meat for cooking in a pot of boiling water. No-panty shabu-shabus offer...odder services; when guests offer alcohol to a waitress who isn't wearing underwear, she reaches out for the water server hanging from the ceiling, and they bend down to look up under her skirt. The term for such shady shops became famous in the late Nineties following news reports of "kajou-settai" (過剰接待, excess reception): bankers entertaining Ministry of Finance officers by inviting them to no-panty restaurants in order to learn the dates of financial inspections or to make behind-the-scenes consultations.
^  In IOSYS' 患部で止まってすぐ溶ける 〜 狂気の優曇華院, Udonge doesn't wear underpants.


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