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Haru no ura ni toketa mono-iwanu yowa no tsuki
Dare-ka kiiteiru no, hito-shirenu yoru no tsuki wo?

Melted behind spring, the moon is silent at the dead of night
Who has heard the inward voice at night?

Hiyori ya, urameshi ya
Kumoi ni fumishimu ashioto
Yona-yona yubi orite
Tsuranaru keshou no souretsu

It's a good day, hateful
Footsteps stomping penetrate into clouds in the sky
Folding fingers everynight[1],
Funeral cortege of spooks draws the line.

Hone made saita tairin no hana ga
Ima sora wo tonde iru yo
Hiraite arishi hi no imi wo
Okizarishi aoi sora wo

Large-wheeled flower blooming in the extent of rib
is now flying in the sky
Spreading itself, in the blue sky leaving
the significance of what the days used to be [2]

Dare ga shitte iru no, hito naranu mono no yami wo?

Who know the darkness of one not to be human?

Tsure-zure urami-goto
Iranai mono nado nai no ni

I have nothing to do, but jeremiad
There's no one [3] to has no need though

Murasaki daita ko-harubi ni yurete
Ochiru kage fuete iku yo
Samayou ayakashi wa marude
Imi sae mo nakushita you ni

Swinging in the balmy spring turning purple
the falling[4] shadows increase
Youkai wander as if
they even lost[5] the meaning

Musubite urameshi ya
Nozokasu douke ni kakurete
Ma ni ma ni uchinurasu
Sode ni mo hitoshiki negai wo

Promise, hateful
A glimpse, behind clownery
every break, watery[6]
On sleeves, please give it a wish

"Amagoi", hiraku koto no nai hana ga
Shuuchaku e wadachi wo fumu
Furanai sora ni furu namida
Furimuite wasurenaide

"Rain dance"; the flower which will never open
fall into the rut for terminal end
Tear falls from the sky, where rain doesn't fall
Turn around and don't forget it

Aa, goran! Momo no oni-tachi ga
Ware-saki to tonde iku yo
Nigitta yubi wo kawasu hito
Uchi-suteta aoi sora wo

Urameshiki ano bi-sora wo

Ah, look! hundres of oni come and fly "me prior!" Avec crossing and holding each other on their fingers The blue sky thrown away

That hateful beautiful sky


  • In this song, "flower" is a metaphor of "umbrella".

^  "fold fingers" (yubi wo oru, 指を折る) means indirectly "count how many there are".
^  Here are three points of double meaning between the second and fourth line of this block. It's unclear whether "hiraite" has as an object nothing or "okizarishi aoi sora wo" — whether it is "spread the umbrella itself" or "spread the blue sky (i.e. reveil the fact of what people tend to think is natural and ordinary, the sad forgotten umbrellas, hatred)" —, whether "arishi hi no imi wo" is appositional with "okizarishi aoi sora wo" or subordinate to it — whether it is "the significance of past days, namely, the blue sky being left" or "the blue sky leaving the significance of past days" — and whether "okizarishi aoi sora wo" is the object of "tonde iru" or "hiraite" — whether it is "fly in the blue sky" or "spread the blue sky".
^  "Mono" is normally translated as "thing, one", but in the lyrics card, that kanji "道具" is used, which is read normally as "dougu" (tool, item).
^  In Japanese, "shadow falls" means "shadow appears", which is probably associated with the image of "sun falls".
^  "Nakusu" (無くす) is normally translated as "lose", but that kanji is used "亡くす", which means "lose sb important because s/he has died".
^  "Sode wo nurasu" (wet sleeves) means in japanese poems "cry, weep, mostly because of love").

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