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Eien To Shuyu No Koibito

Eternal and Instantaneous Lovers

Arrange: にゃるばーな Vocal: 園児ちゃん Lyrics: 夕野ヨシミ Guitar: にゃるばーな

Nagai kami no shoujo wa yasashiku hohoendeta
Yowai futari no tame te ni ireyou karisome no eien wo

The long-haired girl was smiling warmly
Because we're weak, we'll grasp that fleeting eternity

Kanawanu koi nara to watashi kakugo kimeteta
Na no ni anata dake ga tsumi wo oi

I decided long ago to pursue this impossible love
Yet you're the only one to bear responsibility for our sin

Wakare no sono toki ni mo shoujo wa hohoendeta
Subete owari yoru ni hitori naita namida kare hateru made

The girl was smiling even at the time of our parting
She cried alone into the night everything ended until her tears dried away

Itoshi tsuki no shoujo wa tooi sato ni oritachi
Chiisana atarashii inochi ukete aisare hagukumareta

My beloved moon girl settled down in a far-away village,
Starting a small new life, loved by all around her

Mukae no toki ga kite watashi kokoro yureteta
Anata shiawase sou ni shiteta kara

My heart trembled when the time for our reunion came
Because you looked so happy

Juugoya ni terasarete shoujo wa hohoendeta
Subete owarasetara futari dake de nigeyou chi no hate made

The girl smiled, bathed in the light of the fifteen day old moon
If it could end everything, let's run away to the ends of the earth

Nagai kami no shoujo wa tonari de hohoenderu
Yowai futari no tame dakishimeyou yakusoku no eien wo

The long-haired girl smiles next to me
Because we're weak, we'll embrace that promised eternity

Kono Gensokyo ga watashitachi no furusato
Yoru no miyako wa mou suteta kara

This place, Gensokyo, is now our home
We abandoned the capital of the moon long ago

Tsuki mo nai yami no naka shoujo wa hohoenderu
Kitto owari no nai futari dakara toki sae mo hateru made

The girl smiles in the moonless darkness
There's no end to the two of us, so surely she'll do so until the end of time

Nagai kami nabikasete shoujo wa hohoenderu
Chiisana niji no tamate ni ireyou yume no tsudzuki wo futari eien ni

The girl smiles as her long hair flutters in the wind
We'll put that dream in our rainbow treasure box, where we're together forever


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