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Hyouketsu Musume

Freezing Girl

Arrange: Lant  Vocal: Yuki Fujimiya

ohirune wo suru
pukapuka ukanda mizuumi no ue
negokochi warukute kooraseteshimatta
kireina hana made

I was taking a nap
And they were floating on the lake
I was grumpy from sleeping, so I froze them all
All those pretty flowers.

dakedo sou hontou wa
sukoshi dake sabishikunaru
se ni tsutau tsumetasa to kono katasa

But the truth is
That I get just a little lonely
All the cold and stiffness that gets in my back
I never take notice of it.

hikari hansha suru koori ni me ga kurande
daijina mono miushinatte hitoribocchi ni naru
kitto watashirashiku ikiteitai no dakedo
subette koronde shimawanu you ni
ippozutsu mae ni susumu

My eyes get blinded by all the light reflected by the ice
Then I lose sight of what is important and become lonely.
That’s just like me, I want to live at the fullest
But I will take one step at the time
So that I don’t slip and fall.

itazura wo suru
kimi no ano egao furimukasetakute
riaru na akushon nakanaka dekizu ni
senaka wo awaseta

I make those pranks
Because I want to see you turning your smiling face to me
But I can’t quite get anything right
And we end with our backs turned to each other

kaerimichi te wo furete
hohaba awase arukitai kedo
kooritsuku kimi no kao mitakunakute

I want to walk back with you
Side by side and holding hands.
I don’t want to see your frozen face
So I just pretend to be tough.

kizukazu ni ita nagekaketa sain made
hibi mo hairazu tsumetai mama no katakunana kokoro
kimi no taion de toketeshimaeru you ni
uketomerareru you ni
kyou mo chiisana karada wo yurasu
chiisana ryoute de naderu kooranai you ni

Even all the signs I put out went unnoticed.
I wish even this uncrackable cold stubborn heart
could melt in your warmth
or could just be accepted.
So today again this small body is trembling
and these small hands are brushing each other, like they are freezing.

zutto watashi nari ni
sashinobeteiru keredo
umaku yarou to sureba suru hodo
hito ha kizutsuiteiku
dakedo sono nazonazo ga toketeshimaeru you ni
tsumetaku shizuka na koori no ue hohoemi au yume wo miru
subette korobanai you ni sotto uketomete kitto
tokete shimawanai you ni gyutto me wo tojite

I know you are always
Reaching out for me.
But as much as I try to do it right,
I end up hurting people.
But, so that we can solve this riddle
I’ll keep smiling and dreaming on top of that cold and silent ice.
Going slowly so I don’t slip and fall
And closing my eyes hard so I don’t melt away.


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